Singapore National Day 2020 Light-Up

Singapore National Day 2020 Light-UpSingapore National Day 2020 Light-Up at Civic District Monuments.

Civic District landmarks and monuments illuminated in red and white to celebrate Singapore National Day 2020.

Another quick pictorial post.

To celebrate Singapore’s 55th birthday, ten historical landmarks in the Civic District will be illuminated in different shades of red and white throughout August.

Red and white i.e. our national colours. Together with other national motifs such as the Five Stars and Crescent.

I had a quick stroll through the district last evening to check these out. Compared to other Singaporean light-ups, especially the festive ones, the illuminations this time are much more solemn. Naturally, not just because of the occasion, but also because the darned pandemic is still hanging over everything.

There was also noticeably lesser human traffic. This made photography a joy, to be honest. But it also constantly reminded we are still in the midst of a so-called, crisis of a generation.

Anyway … here are the pictures.

(This excursion replaces my usual Singapore Night Festival posts for this year, I guess. If you haven’t heard, that’s cancelled for this year too. Who’d have imagined an obscure virus in some dingy market would have such appalling, international repercussions …)

Civic District National Day 2020 Light-Up

National Museum of Singapore National Day Light-Up.
A wider-angle shot of the National Museum of Singapore. The illumination here was the most elaborate.

There was a bit of a comical scene at the National Museum, by the way. There was a small crowd, and everyone was expecting some sort of animated façade projection show.

“Eh bro, got what show here?”

“Eh don’t have leh. Just static one is it?”

“Maybe the stars will change. Hahahaha! Or maybe got another logo. Dancing one!

Going by what I could find on YouTube, there is some sort of animation, though nowhere near the elaborate ones created for the Night Festivals. Anyhow, it didn’t start by 745 pm. And so I left the amused spectators.

Cathedral of the Good Shepard National Day Light-Up.
At the Cathedral of the Good Shepard. Unfortunately, the grounds were closed, and so I had to settle for photographing from outside.
CHIJMES Singapore Facade.
The illumination at CHIJMES was rather minimal, IMO. But it’s better than nothing.
Armenian Church Evening Shot.
At the Armenian Church. Eye-catching Neo-classical simplicity here.
Singapore Central Fire Station, 62 Hill Street.
The Central Fire Station finally joins our light-ups. I’ve long been baffled by how this gorgeous edifice is always excluded from Civic District light-ups.
National Gallery Singapore Night Picture.
Ta-da! The majestic showpiece of the Civic District i.e. National Gallery Singapore is expectedly breath-taking when awash in red.
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Light-Up.
Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall was, erm, wonderfully deserted when I reached. That, of course, reminded me of Castlevania.
The Arts House at The Old Parliament Outdoor Display.
Hao gong min i.e. good citizen alike display outside The Arts House.
Asian Civilisations Museum Night Shot.
The yellow-based façade of Asian Civilisations Museum goes very well with scarlet, don’t you think so?
MBS and Merlion #sgunited illumination.
Last but not least, the Merlion with #SGUNITED projected onto the ArtScience Museum in the distance. This isn’t part of the light-up, btw.

The Ten Civic District Landmarks Illuminated for SG55

For your convenience, in case you’re visiting, here are the landmarks illuminated for #SG55. Incidentally, I skipped one, this being Esplanade Theatres on the Bay. The illuminations end on Aug 30, 2020.

  1. The Armenian Church
  2. Asian Civilisations Museum
  3. Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
  4. Central Fire Station
  5. CHIJMES (Façade only)
  6. Esplanade Theatres on the Bay
  7. National Gallery Singapore
  8. National Museum of Singapore
  9. The Arts House
  10. Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

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Singapore National Day 2020 Light-Up | The Scribbling Geek
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Singapore National Day 2020 Light-Up | The Scribbling Geek
To celebrate Singapore National Day 2020, ten landmarks in the Civic District will be illuminated in red and white till end August. Here are some of them.

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