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Dinner at Jewel Changi Airport | Home Tourist Photo Essay 9

HSBC Rain Vortex, July 2020
Jewel Changi Airport HSBC Rain Vortex during Singapore's COVID-19 Circuit Breaker Phase 2 Reopening.

Singapore is still in Phase 2 of reopening, but Jewel Changi Airport has mostly returned to life.

Quick pictorial post. After mulling over it for weeks, I finally made my way to Jewel to check out how things are after the semi-lockdowns of March, April, and May.

Such an excursion probably sounds inane to many Singaporeans, but as much as I agree with some of the, ahem, politicised complaints about Jewel, I do like the place. I like it quite a lot.

I was thus hoping that most of the attractions, shops and restaurants at Jewel, big and small alike, had survived the “Circuit Breaker” measures. My fondness for the place aside, I strongly believe every business counts in such dire times. After all, it’s never just about one business closing. Entire chains of suppliers and partners are affected.

Well, I’m delighted with what I saw. While there were some … casualties, Jewel largely looked and felt the way it did when I last visited.

The pandemic is obviously still hanging heavy over everything and everyone, but commercial and social interactions are making comebacks, thank goodness. I’m keeping fingers crossed that these are the only comebacks Singapore will experience. I.E. I hope we don’t get hit by another wave of the virus, and go into another lockdown.

Jewel Changi Airport (Phase 2 Reopening)

At Basement 2. It was pretty crowded here. There were (socially-distanced) queues at several restaurants.
At the basement 2 food stalls.
The queue at Shake Shack. They are as popular as ever!
Okay. The pandemic is … heavy in this picture. All self check-in kiosks were switched off. My heart felt quite a pang at the sight of this.
At the upper-level shops. Seems a little quiet. But at least there’s still human traffic.
Seeing this little cleaning dude really brightened up my evening!

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By the way, I immediately thought of Daleks on seeing that cleaning robot. Because … Daleks would be really efficient at keeping people socially distanced, yes?

I’m glad to see Tonito is surviving well! I didn’t really have the chance to dine here again after last Christmas.
Another view of the HSBC Rain Vortex. The crowds around it are thinner, compared to last year. But it’s not too deserted. Not at all.

Dinner at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison

Happy, or should I say, comforted by what I saw, I headed over to Tonkatsu Ma Maison for dinner.

I’ve never dined at Tonkatsu by Ma Maison before. Have to say, I like the overall Showa-inspired (??) décor. It’s earthy and homely.
What I had. Miso Katsu! I fell in love with this classic Nagoya comfort food 10 years ago. Have to say, Ma Maison did it wonderfully, with the pork cutlets juicy and yummy, and the miso sauce oh-so-intense!

To round up this post:

Pikachu at Irvins Salted Egg. He’s as adorable and as positive as ever. Stay optimistic like him, folks!

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Dinner at Jewel Changi Airport | Home Tourist Photo Essay 9
Modern Japanese dinner at Jewel Changi Airport. Am glad to say the futuristic attraction has largely returned to life after 3 months of semi-lockdown.


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