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Event Horizon is in and out, a Lovecraftian movie. Unfortunately, the cosmic horror in it is all too fleeting and shallow.

Event Horizon Review - 3 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down.
Snappy Classic Horror Movie Review | Event Horizon

Event Horizon Synopsis

In 2040, the starship Event Horizon disappears near the orbit of Neptune. Seven years later, Earth receives a mysterious distress call from the vanished ship and dispatches a rescue crew. What the crew subsequently discovers goes way beyond their worst nightmares.

Snappy Review

While there are no explicit name-drops, or homages, Event Horizon has long been considered a “Lovecraftian” movie.

All better-known Lovecraftian elements are there. A deserted and spooky stage. A looming cosmic horror. A slow descent into the mountains, or should I say, depths of madness.

There is, of course, also the gore. The fleeting scenes of which, I’m sure many fans have meticulously examined over the years.

Having finally gotten down to watching this 90s space-horror flick on Netflix, though, I have to say I’m disappointed. The movie is certainly not short on ambiance, and Sam Neill’s promises of transcendental suffering fulfil check every tick on the requisite checklist. Outside of these, however, Event Horizon is simply not intense. By the end of the first third, you have a clear idea of what’s happening, or what’s going to happen. None of the kills are particularly imaginative too, put it that way.

Additionally, no character, including Sam Neill’s anchor, is fleshed out. This is inexplicable as the movie began with several characters obviously shouldering crippling backstories.

In the end, the whole movie is no more than a late 90s space version of an 80s slasher, one that’s embellished with superficial Lovecraftian touches. What’s sorely missing is that strangling threat of an omnipotent, omniscient cosmic malevolence. As in, that terror preceding unimaginable demise that Lovecraftian stories thrive on.

A lighter reliance on derivative jump scares would have much helped too.


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