Sudio Ett Green True Wireless Earphones Review

Sudio Ett Review With Discount Code
Sudio Ett Review With Discount Code

A mini powerhouse of features, the Sudio Ett is the Swedish manufacturer’s first wireless earphones to include active noise cancelling.

While reviewing the Sudio Fem in January, I wondered, would the Swedish manufacturer soon include active noise cancelling (ANC) with its wireless earbuds?

Well, it looks like they “heard” me, despite me never actually asking them about it! Ett, which means “one” in the Swedish language, ups the game for the Swedish manufacturer by including near all the features of the Fem, and packing in controllable ANC as well.

With ambient noise and distractions often the worst impediments to audio enjoyment, does the inclusion of ANC then makes the Sudio Ett one of the best wireless earbuds to own this year? Especially when considering its reasonable, mid-range price tag?

I would say … yes, as long as you don’t expect ANC to entirely eliminate environmental disturbances. As long as you know what the earphones are best paired with too

But I jump ahead. Let’s take a look at the specifications first, which are pretty impressive in writing.

This Sudio Ett review was written using a sponsored set.

Sudio Ett True Wireless Earphones Specifications

  • Weight: 5 g per earbud.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS.
  • Bluetooth Version: Version 5.0 with 10m range.
  • Play Time Per Charge Without ANC: 6 hours.
  • Play Time Per Charge With ANC: 4 hours.
  • Number of Charges in Charging Case: 4.
  • Charging Case: USB Type C Quick Charge.
  • Driver Size: 10 mm.
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Impedance: 32±5Ω @ 1kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 98±3dB @ 1kHz.

Notable Features

  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Wireless Charging
  • IPX 5 (splash/rain/sweat proof)
  • Clear Voice Microphone for voice calls
  • Siri & Google assistant compatible
  • Individual automatic pairing
  • Free home delivery worldwide to your doorsteps
  • 18-month international warranty

Unboxing and Contents

As before, my package came nicely packed within a black box. Within the box was also a tote bag and a white gift packaging.

Sudio Delivery Box.
My box of goodies for this Sudio Ett review.
Sudio Ett True Wireless Earbuds Review.
The signature clean, to-the-point box design of Sudio products.
Sudio Ett Features
Features are clearly listed on the rear of the box.
Swedish True Wireless Earphones with Active Noise Cancelling.
Like its other recent products, the box opens like a drawer, revealing the snuggly packed contents.
Sudio Ett Box Contents
Box contents spread out. There’s a usage guide, a warranty card, a precautions manual, one charging cable, and oh-so-many ear tips! I really like the way the ear tips are packed! (Makes them easier to choose too)
Sudio Ett Charging Case
The wireless earbuds at rest within their charging case. Because of the colour, there’s a slight hint of the military here? Of ruggedness and adventure too?
True Wireless Earphones Review.
Close-up view. Of note, the Ett is slimmer and long than the Fem. Visually, I prefer this sleeker approach. It also fits more comfortably for me.

Regarding the Ett’s charging case, the cuboid shape is close in design and size to that for the Sudio Tolv, with the main difference being the Ett’s charging case is more angular.

The finishing is also the same matte texture as like that for the Tolv and Fem. According to some reviews, this matte finishing makes it easier to hide scratches.


I wouldn’t know, though, I take exceedingly good care of my gadgets. For me, the finishing is simply nice and comforting to hold. On top of being beautiful.

Bluetooth Capabilities and Pairing

Like newer Sudio wireless earphones, the Ett is Bluetooth 5.0 capable, which means either earbud is ready to pair the moment it is removed from the charging case. The only work one needs to do is to select “Sudio Ett” on the scanning device.

And after initial pairing, you wouldn’t need to do it again. Everything pairs by itself automatically from then on.

The Ett also automatically switches back to pairing mode once a connection is terminated; an audio prompt will inform you of reversion to scanning mode. In other words, you can switch to another connection without the need for complicated button presses and the likes of. All in all, an absolute breeze of a process with minimal work.

As for connection strength, I tested my set for an hour in my home and experienced no disconnection at all. Not even any audio faltering or jumping behind closed doors. I think as far as Bluetooth functionalities are concerned, the Ett delivers absolute top-notch quality.

Sudio Ett Controls

The Ett comes with one physical button on each earbud. Here’s a summary of the controls:

  • Play or Pause: Press any button once.
  • Next Song: Press any button TWICE.
  • Previous Song: Press any button THRICE.
  • Answer/End Phone Call: Press any button once.
  • Reject Phone Call: Press any button and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Activate/deactivate active noise control: Press any button and hold for 2 seconds.
  • Switch On and Off: The Ett switches on the moment you remove the earbuds from the charging case. To switch it off, press and hold any button for 6 seconds. To switch it back on, you have to return them to the charging case first.

Of note, there doesn’t look to be any function for adjusting volume. According to the official online FAQ, volume should be adjusted using the connected device i.e. your phone or laptop.

Having struggled with the touch buttons of the Sudio Fem, I have to say that the physical button design of the Sudio Ett is … a huge relief.

The buttons do not require excessive force to click or hold. Having some sort of a physical reaction also makes multiple clicks way easier to accomplish and time. This reversion to older design is definitely a big plus for me, at least for the moment.

Swedish true wireless earbuds.
Bluetooth connectivity and connection quality are not areas to worry about for the Ett. The physical buttons are a welcomed design reversion for me too.

Active Noise Cancelling Review

Active Noise Cancelling, or ANC, is the key feature of the Sudio Ett and is activated by holding down any button for two seconds.

Do it correctly and there will be an audio prompt of “Noise Cancelling.” Repeat the action and ANC is deactivated without any audio prompt.

As I’m currently stuck at home because of, you know, I wasn’t able to test this feature on a busy street. However, I do live beside a main road and when activated, the ANC was capable of reducing most environmental din to a softer, lower hum. I also noticed music volume jumping up a notch.

For a more dramatic test, I positioned a fan behind me and once ANC was activated, the loud hum of the fan was nearly entirely removed. All I could hear was the air beating against the earbuds.

Note: The earbuds automatically detect an incoming call and deactivate ANC. In other words, they switch to “audio transparency” mode during voice calls, which allows you to better hear ambient sounds and yourself talking. (Very important; otherwise, you’d be talking too loudly) Once the call is terminated, ANC kicks back in.

Comfort of Wear

As far as comfort is concerned, I never had any issue with Sudio products. The same goes for the Ett.

In fact, this time, I didn’t even need to change the ear tips. I just “plugged” both earbuds in and they felt wonderful. (Oh, alright. I was a little uninclined to cut open that lovely blister pack of alternate ear tips too)

On a more serious note, I think the slimmer design makes the Sudio Ett a more comfortable wear than the Fem or even the Tolv. It being so light, there is also minimal stress or strain on the ears. During my first try, I was able to wear both earbuds for two hours without feeling any discomfort.

Sudio Ett Sound Quality

On to the sound quality! For this review, I played music and movies using my LG V40 and old LG G6, and my desktop PC. Music played were my 2019 Electone recordings and an assortment of pop tracks I’ve recorded. For the former, I used them because I know exactly what to look out for in those.

I will share too that reviewing the sound quality of the Sudio Ett took me quite a while, including a two-hour late-night binge-listening session. Because I was getting significantly different outputs throughout.

Simply put, when playing music with my phones, I felt the audio trended on the softer side. This was especially noticeable in comparison with what my Fem and other wireless earbuds was producing at similar volume levels.

Initially, I thought this was due to the lack of volume controls on the Ett, which means volume adjustment on the connected device is necessary once Bluetooth pairing is achieved. (My Fem is set at a higher volume level) However, once I reached a level I preferred, I noticed the sound of the Ett also being airier. Or to put it another way, “further away.”

Much further away.

The complete opposite was the case, though, when connected to my PC, which uses a default sound chip. The Ett was positively LOUD and embracing. Soundstage was like a surrounding expanse, with that airier sensation and a slightly warmer tinge also being noticeable. One way I would describe it would be to say it was like having a well-tuned auditorium equalizer setting on.

As for musical nuances, the Ett was superb in both scenarios. Not only was it impressively accurate, I felt it captures volume variations better than any of my current earphones. The only older gear I have that could match it is my Audio Technica studio monitor headphones.

When connected to my PC, I could even hear the way I trembled during volume changes in my own audio recordings.

Why the Difference?

I’m no expert on this. And so I can only attribute the difference to the Ett having much higher impedance. As in, when compared to the Fem and some other wireless earphones.

In a nutshell, higher impedance requires more power to play, which then results in smaller gadgets such as phones producing a softer volume. Vice versa, higher impedance also produces more accurate sounds. The short of it is that the more juice you pump into high impedance earphones, the better audio quality you get.

The higher sensitivity of the Ett, again as in compared to the Fem, affects this too. Without going further into complicated terminologies, the summary is that the Ett is capable of very impressive sounds and a broad soundstage. But it hinges on what you’re connecting it to.

Sudio Ett Versus Fem

A quick list of the differences between the Ett and the other new Sudio product for this year i.e. the Fem.

  1. Without ANC activated, the Ett provides 6 x 5 charges = 30 hours of playtime, with the charging case holding four charges. (Playtime reduces to 4 hours with ANC on) Vice versa, the Fem provides 20 hours of listening, depending on your volume settings. It’s obvious that the Ett holds way more juice.
  2. The Ett uses a small rectangular charging case while the Fem’s is like a compact mirror. Personally, both are attractive to me; lightweight as well. The matte finishing on both is also similar and let me just say I absolutely love the feel of this finishing.
  3. The Ett is capable of wireless charging. Very useful, for some situations.
  4. Ett earbuds are smaller and slimmer than those of the Fem. For me, this resulted in a more comfortable feel. The … 0.5 gram weight reduction of the Ett also makes it lovelier to wear for hours.
  5. The Ett is empowered with ANC. While I couldn’t thoroughly test this because of lockdown situations, I’m dead sure this function will be a game-changer for certain environments. Hey, you could even use these wireless earphones when having a nap at somewhere noisy! Such as on a bus!
  6. The Ett produces an airier and broader sound, while the Fem delivers a sharper and closer i.e. more intimate experience. Personally, I feel lows are stronger on the Fem too.
  7. The Ett is more accurate in sound reproduction.
  8. Equipped with ANC, the Ett naturally costs more. (Fret not, you can enjoy a better price when purchasing online using my Sudio discount code below. As always!)
Sudio Ett vs Fem
The Ett versus The Fem.

Sudio Ett Review Conclusion – 5 Usage Scenarios

What would I use the Ett for? What do I think it’s great or not-so-great for?


You know, every Sudio product I’ve tested is a power cell of energy, to the extent I wish there is a way to transfer their juice to other gadgets I have with me when traveling! Outside of that, the charging case is small, the sound quality is respectable, and the fit is comfortable. In other words, perfect for long and short trips alike. (The ability to charge wirelessly is an additional attraction)

Street Listening

Even without ANC, Sudio wireless earphones always do a great job at minimising environmental noises. With ANC, I think I now have to be careful not to be too engrossed when listening to music outdoors with the Ett. Jokes aside, this function is going to be really useful in noisy environments like subways and buses.

Phone and Talk

While testing my set, my … mother called and we talked for 15 minutes. She caught every word I said. I heard every nag she made. Hey, the voice quality was a little too clear! I would have preferred some muddling, if only as an excuse to hang up!

Home Entertainment

The Ett performs spectacularly in this area when connected to my PC. That Dolby surround sound sensation, which I’m so fussy about, is there. Vocals are also distinct, with soundstage broad and deep.


The Sudio Ett is splash and sweat resistant, thanks to its IPX 5 rating. It’s also capable of a really good fit because so many sizes of ear tips are given. I think I might just try jogging with them. Or at least, heading to the gym with them. (I need to get a gym membership first, though)

Sudio Ett Discount Code
The Ett in other colors.

Keen to own the Sudio Ett? Surf over to the official Sudio website today to place an order! You’ll enjoy a 15 percent discount if you quote my Sudio discount code, scribblinggeek

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