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The injections of amazing nanites in Bloodshot did everything except bring the movie to life.

BloodShot Review: 3 thumbs-up and 5 thumbs-down.
Snappy Movie Review | Bloodshot

Bloodshot Synopsis

US Marine Ray Garrison is revived by nanite technology after his wife and he are killed by mercenaries. He then embarks on bloody vengeance against … an enemy that does not exist? As it turns out, the technology that resurrected him didn’t just grant him superhuman strength and self-regeneration abilities. The incredible technology might have done something to his mind too.

Snappy Review

Mid-week, I left two harsh comments on another movie review blog. In these, I agreed with the blog owner’s negative assessment of Vin Diesel’s acting.

Yeah. Vin the Stoic. Who was perfect for the roles of Riddick, Dominic, and the voice of Groot. Who also spent the larger part of his acting career perfecting the art of being expressionless on screen.

Which, in turn, arguably makes him perfect for the role of Ray Garrison a.k.a Bloodshot. You know, big, strong, silent super-soldier. Doubly stronger, quieter, and vengeful as well after reanimation.

The big problem though, the producers of this flick obviously believe that is all that is necessary for an entertaining show. With the exception of some of Guy Pearce’s lines, the dialogue in Bloodshot barely displays any thought. Combat scenes are terribly messy and boring too, almost entirely a case of the immortal Garrison stoically weathering gunfire before bashing opponents to pulp.

Backstories for the supporting cast are also barely touched upon. We are never really told why Dalton hates Garrison, or why KT is the redemption of the story. For that matter, Garrison’s real background is never fully addressed too.

An appalling case of misbelief that Vin Diesel’s stony charisma is the only thing movie-goers care for? That big and scarred muscles are apt substitutes for good storytelling?

I almost fell asleep midway. Worse, the cinema I went to didn’t sell coffee. I should have listened to that other reviewer’s advice, and skipped this one.


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