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Poinsettia Wishes 2019 | Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
Poinsettia Wishes 2019 at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

Getting into a Nordic Christmas mood with Poinsettia Wishes, Christmas Wonderland 2019.

A quick pictorial post. Quick because it’s near Christmas and the New Year, and there are so many things to finish doing. (So much food, activities, and movies to enjoy too).

The following are pictures from my annual December excursion to Gardens by the Bay last Thursday. My purpose for visiting, of course, being the annual Christmas Wonderland festival.

As I skipped Poinsettia Wishes last year, I included that in my visit as well. I ended up spending more time inside the Flower Dome than outside.

Anyway, here are the pictures I took. If you haven’t yet visited, I strongly encourage you to at least drop by the outdoor exhibits. The Italian luminaries are, as always, absolutely gorgeous.

Poinsettia Wishes 2019

Unlike my previous visit in 2017, I entered by the waterfront route and began my evening with Poinsettia Wishes 2019. In summary, the tastefully illuminated flowers and Nordic dioramas of famous Scandinavian landmarks were nothing short of mesmerising.

Gnome Fireplace at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay.
One of the entrance displays for Poinsettia Wishes 2019. A very cozy fireplace for a gnome!
Poinsettia Wishes 2019 | Gardens by the Bay.
Overview of the central area. It’s indeed a dazzling Christmas wonderland, isn’t it?
Flower Dome Poinsettia Wishes.
Another view of the very festive, very Nordic central area.

As I mentioned, this year’s Poinsettia Wishes incorporates mini replicas of famous Scandinavian landmarks.

The Post Office at Triangeln Station | Poinsettia Wishes 2019
This one is based on the Post Office at Triangeln Station in Malmo, Sweden. (I passed by Malmo in 2012 but didn’t visit this. Aww!)
Hallgrimskirkja. | Poinsettia Wishes 2019
This one, gnomes and all, is inspired by Reykjavik’s Hallgrimskirkja. (How do you pronounce that?)
Festive Reindeers at Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay
And at the heart of everything, Santa’s reindeer! (No Rudolph, though) With architecture inspired by the Tromsdalen Church in Norway.
Christmas Reindeers at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome
This one made me ache for a Christmas holiday! I haven’t gone away for Christmas for more than ten years.
Christmas Gnomes at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome
Last but not least, a gnome choir just before the exit. Joy to the World!

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2019

As a whole, this year’s Christmas Wonderland has a less European feel; a sharp contrast to the Nordic displays at the Flower Dome.

I’m a little mixed about this, to be honest, although I still enjoyed the enchanting luminaries. The large dining area at the Meadow also had a certain, I don’t know, festive Pasar hipster feel?

I guess what’s intended this time round is a Christmas in the tropics!

Gardens by the Bay Christmas 2019.
Pyramid luminarie at the main entrance.
Christmas Wonderland 2019 Supertree Grove
A dazzling palace at the Supertree Grove.
Christmas Choir Performance at Gardens by the Bay
There was a choir performance ongoing as I walked into the Supertree Grove. Music always gives Christmas that extra magical touch!
Christmas luminarie at Supertree Station, Gardens by the Bay
These gorgeous arches are at the open area beside the Supertrees, where a dining area has been set up.
Walk of Peace | Christmas Wonderland 2019
This is one of the key attractions for Christmas Wonderland 2019. Named The Walk of Peace, it’s inspired by the glow of golden sunsets at Gardens.
Christmas Wonderland food and carnival games.
Montage of other attractions this year. Clockwise from top left: Carnival games, game prizes, dining area at The Meadow, and Santa’s Workshop.

I end this Christmas pictorial post on Poinsettia Wishes and Christmas Wonderland 2019 with this strange picture. Incidentally, this was why I waited till last week to visit.

#futuretogether Light Art Exhibition at Gardens by the Bay
Xenomorph eggs galore at Gardens by the Bay?!?!?!

Xenomorphs haven’t invaded Singapore, of course (lol), it’s part of the #FUTURETOGETHER immersive art exhibition at the Dragonfly Lake.

Created by TeamLab, my favourite Japanese light art specialist, this is a lead-on to the indoor displays that would begin in January 2020. That’s something I’m greatly looking forward to for the New Year!

PS: I wouldn’t mind a Xenomorph for a Christmas present, you know. Provided I can train it not to bite me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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Poinsettia Wishes and Christmas Wonderland 2019 | Gardens by the Bay
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Poinsettia Wishes and Christmas Wonderland 2019 | Gardens by the Bay
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