DesignCap Review – a Handy Online Graphic Design Solution for Your Creative Needs

DesignCap Review
Screenshot of DesignCap, an online graphic design platform that will make your creative work a breeze.

Do you need to create attractive graphics for online use or print projects? DesignCap, an online design software, will get the tasks done quickly.

As I mentioned in my DesignEvo review, graphic design projects could often be a massive pain. This, usually the result of miscommunicated expectations between the client and designer.

Often, the client needs but a straight-forward layout. But the designer believes it should be a complex endeavour, and charges correspondingly.

Or, the client requires substantial research and creative planning. But the designer dismisses it as mundane work, and creates something trite.

Online graphic design solutions like DesignCap partly resolves this problem. While it doesn’t completely remove the issues involved, it offers bloggers, small businesses, retailers, etc, a convenient alternative. An attractive alternative, might I add, that could be completed within minutes by using the platform’s many templates and versatile process.

The following is my summary of what I feel to be the strengths and weaknesses of this online graphic design platform. For this DesignCap review, I went about creating a simple but striking Christmas poster. I will share my creation process before listing my opinions.

DesignCap Online Graphic Design Software Requirements

  • Devices Supported: Web-based
  • Features: Pick-and-drop. Lots of free-to-use design elements like fonts, shapes, backgrounds, royalty-free photos, etc.
  • Upload Your Own Image for Use: Limited for free accounts.
  • Save Your Design: Limited for free accounts.
  • Pricing: Free to register and use. Paid subscription required for large downloads.

Test Creation of Christmas Poster Using DesignCap

As one would expect, DesignCap operates almost entirely on a pick-and-drop, pick-and-click basis.

Step 1

DesignCap Project Type Selection
Selecting project type in DesignCap

Upon clicking the big orange “Get Started Now” button on the landing page, you’re offered a slew of project templates to pick from. For my purpose, I chose “Poster.”

Note: The default size offered for posters is A2. Sizes for Social Media graphics are also those for 2019/2020.

Step 2

The actual process is a series of pick-and-click, or pick-and-select. And you have two choices:

  • You could select one of many default templates. Thereafter, adjust/replace/amend the different parts of the template design one by one.
  • Or you could start from scratch and assemble everything yourself.
Creating a poster online free of charge.
I started with a default Christmas party poster template.
DesignCap Poster Creation.
After replacing the background, some illustrations, and the text.

BTW, I took quite a while doing the above. Not because the process is difficult in any way, but because there are SO MANY photos and icons, and text patterns, to choose from. Luckily, there’s a search bar.

Step 3

Once done, you just need to select DOWNLOAD or PRINT at the top right hand corner of the screen.

After choosing download, I was offered various size and format options. For my poster, I was able to download in JPG format, at a maximum size of 4959 x 7015 px i.e. A2 size.

DesignCap Pricing: Difference Between Free DesignCap Pricing: Differences Between Free and Paid Accounts

Of note, DesignCap isn’t completely free. By signing up for a FREE membership, you are entitled to five design saves and limited stock photography/icon usage. However, you can only download in a few sizes. Image uploads are also limited to no more than five.

With the paid BASIC or PLUS memberships, which are payable monthly or annually, image uploads are vastly increased. You also enjoy more templates to use as well as have the ability to download in very large sizes and other formats.

In other words, whether to pay for the premium packages depends on your needs.

DesignCap Prices
DesignCap Pricing.

DesignCap Review: Strengths and Limitations

In a nutshell, I’m pleasantly surprised by the versatility and ease of use of DesignCap.


  • A variety of project sizes for you to choose from. This means you don’t have to worry about whether you’re creating at the right sizes for YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest, and so on.
  • Autosaving of projects.
  • The ability to share your designs instantly on major social media platforms.
  • As is obvious from my screenshots, a huge selection of photos, illustrations, and icons for you to pick from. No more frustrating searches for graphic elements online!
  • I didn’t do this for my poster, but you could actually upload your own graphics for use . For example, your company logo. This ability is especially useful for corporate projects.
  • The design process, or amendment process, is a breeze.
  • Surprisingly extensive editing abilities. Including photo filter effects, flipping, duplications, layering, and photo adjustments. (All these pop up in a horizontal bar above your project when something editable is selected)
  • The paid packages offer downloads in high-res PNG and PDF formats. These pretty much cover the formats needed for most forms of web design and commercial printing.
  • I call attention to the MODULES section (see screengrab below) within the editing process. For infographics creators, this is really useful as you no longer have to fuss about drawing a perfect arrow, or a pie-chart, or a text box.


  • For poster projects, the inability to download anything larger than A2 could be a limitation. (Though most professional printers are able to expand i.e. stretch a high-res A2 artwork to a larger size). Similarly, for brochure projects, download sizes are limited to US Letter sizes.
  • Downloads do not come with “bleed.” Without getting too technical, this is the extra space at the edges of a design that is necessary for printing. Downloads are also in RGB colour format, which is not what professional printers prefer. However, most professional printers can resolve these issues with ease. (Some payment might be required)
DesignCap Tutorial.
DesignCap Modules: Wonderful for infographics.


I would rate DesignCap a 9 out of 10. The platform is especially ideal for creating graphics to be used online.

This online graphic design software also removes the most frustrating process when creating graphics for online use. I.E. the hunt for suitable and usable photos/icons.

Naturally, what’s available isn’t completely extensive and will never be. But looking at what’s available, I think 90 percent of users worldwide would be satisfied with the selection. (There are even photos for Asian ethnic festivals such as Diwali and Chinese New Year)

At the same time, the editing process is versatile and extremely easy to understand. Should you need to, you can quite extensively tweak your selected images and graphic elements too.

On the flip side, downloads for professional printing come with limitations; those of size, colour format, and bleed. To be honest, some fussy print shops could get very particular about these, even though technically, none are too time-consuming to resolve. (As an ex graphic designer, I’d need less than a few minutes to do such changes)

In all, I’ll say one can still use DesignCap to create artworks for professional printing. However, a discussion beforehand with your printing company would be necessary.

Have a look at DesignCap today!

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