Themed Christmas Decorations in Singapore 2019 | Dec 1, 2019

Christmas with We Bare Bears at City Square Mall
Christmas with We Bare Bears

Themed Christmas decorations are definitely the in-thing this December in Singapore.

While many might still prefer traditional concepts and motifs, themed Christmas decorations, as in those tied to merchandise brands, are increasingly popular. If only because they could be loads of fun and laughs for kids and adults alike.

Here’s a pictorial rundown of some of the themed Christmas celebrations in Singapore this year!

Christmas with We Bare Bears at City Square Mall

I’ll share a secret. I LOVE the Bare Bears. Like the case with the original Powerpuff Girls series, I find an entire layer of sly adult references and humour hidden within many episodes. Naturally, ahem, I’ve spent quite a few nights binging on the series too.

Which, in turn, means I made a beeline for City Square Mall the moment I heard the silly bears will be celebrating Christmas there this year. While children frolicked under the artificial outdoor snowfall, I had a swell time giggling at and photographing the trio. They are really, so, SO, adorable.

We Bare Bears at City Square Mall.
Grizz, Pan Pan, and the ever so awesome Ice Bear (!)
Christmas with We Bare Bears
Aren’t the Bare Bears absolutely adorable? (Even when not stacking)
City Square Mall Snowy Playtime with We Bare Bears
My “happiest” shot that evening. Artificial snowfall blizzard while accompanied by Ice Bear!

Christmas Magic, and Carnival Fun, at VivoCity

The exception on this list, VivoCity’s Christmas decorations this year aren’t tied to any brand or merchandise. Nonetheless, the gathering of circus animal acrobats and cutesy dinosaurs delivers an atmosphere of magical Christmas joy.

There is also, of course, their annual rooftop Christmas tree. Always one of the most elaborate in Singapore each year. Always a joy to gaze at under the evening sky too.

VivoCity Christmas Tree 2019
VivoCity Christmas Tree 2019. I find it most magical under the blue evening sky.
VivoCity Christmas 2019.
Like previous years, the base of the tree contains an assortment of festive dioramas. This year, animal acrobats take the limelight.

A Frozen Wonderland at Changi Airport

The most elaborately themed Christmas event this year is hands down Changi Airport’s A Frozen Wonderland.

It’s based on a certain movie … oh of course it’s Disney’s Frozen 2. Some attractions are also ticketed, or should I say, necessitate spending in order to gain entry. Luckily, there are still enough free spectacles for everyone to enjoy. I also had a great time photographing everything after a most scrumptious dinner at Tonito Latin American Kitchen.

Olaf at Changi Airport Terminal 2
Massive autumn-joy Olaf at Terminal 2. He’s a sage, a singer, and a superb storyteller!!
Jewel Changi Airport Christmas Events 2019.
Festive Christmas market at the top level of Jewel. It’s a mini Arendelle.
Jewel Changi Airport Christmas Snow Decorations.
Canopy Park (ticketed) has been transformed into a gorgeous Winter Wonderland.
Jewel Changi Airport Christmas Show 2019.
Christmas dance performance at the Shiseido Forest Valley. (SGD 50/- spending required for entrance)
A Frozen Wonderland at Changi Airport
Snowfall show! Nowadays, almost a must for December Christmas events in Singapore.
A Frozen Wonderland at Changi Airport Terminal 3
Over at Terminal 3, more characters from Frozen 2 take centre stage.
Elsa at Singapore Changi Airport
And finally, Ms Let-it-Go herself. Her majesty Queen Elsa of Arendelle!! (Ta-da!!!)

Other Themed Christmas Celebrations in Singapore This Year

Elsewhere in Singapore, all sorts of mascots, and popular cartoon and game characters, are also out in full force to bring on the yuletide cheer.

Doraemon at AMK Hub
Ding Dang i.e. Doraemon at AMK Hub. I went down to the mall just to see him because, yeah, I still watch Doraemon (at my age).
Christmas Minions at The Centrepoint
Those banana-crazy Minions were at The Centrepoint for a while. Their event ended on Nov 24 but there are still some Minion-y shopping offers at the mall.
Angry Birds themed Christmas decorations at Suntec City
Conniving pigs and furious birds continue their war at Suntec City!
Line Mascots Themed Christmas Decorations at CapitalLand Malls, Singapore.
Line Mascots at various CapitalLand malls, including a snow house at Plaza Singapura. I rarely use Line so I’m not familiar with them. But their whimsical looks are certainly very photogenic!

Orchard Road Christmas Lights 2019.

A Disney-themed Christmas in Singapore 2022.

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Themed Christmas Decorations in Singapore 2019
Article Name
Themed Christmas Decorations in Singapore 2019
Themed Christmas decorations, or branded decorations, are the in-thing in Singapore this festive year-end. They are not just a delight for kids too.

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