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This glitzy reboot of the legendary Charlie’s Angels series is visual candy all over. Sadly, it barely delivers in terms of story, humour, or dialogue.

Charlie's Angels (2019) Movie Review: 5 thumbs-up and 3 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Charlie’s Angels (2019 Film)

Charlie’s Angels (2019 Film) Synopsis

The Townsend Agency continues to battle crime the stylish feminine way with a large group of Angels led by different “Bosleys.” One day, their European division is informed that Elena Houghlin, a Calisto Project programmer, wishes to expose her employer for concealing the flaws of an energy conserving smart device that they are working on. After two Angels and a Bosley meets with Elena, they are brutally attacked by an assassin, the assault itself confirming Elena’s fears. Further investigation then reveals a more sinister plot. One possibly involving the highest ranks of the Townsend Agency too.

Snappy Review

The original Charlie’s Angels series was big on Singaporean TV during my childhood but truth is, I never paid much attention to it.

That is due to me being too young then to appreciate the true beauty of women, I found the series boring and rather “eeeek!” In fact, the only thing that interested me back then was Charlie’s voice. Silly as it was, his suave male voice, and that retro voice box, were the only things I found cool about the series.

Jump forth two decades, I have fond memories of the early 2000 movies. These certainly do not count among my favourite action flicks, but I do feel they were fun in an over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek way. Oh, could I reveal I briefly had a crush on Demi Moore after watching Full Throttle? She was so, ahem, ahem

Coming to this year’s revisit/reboot, Elizabeth Bank’s updated version largely retains the original formula, this being that of a formidable force for good comprising largely of women. Women not unwilling to exploit their natural gifts to get things done. (I say “exploit” with ambiguous feelings)

What went wrong with the movie is, in turn, how flat and unfunny everything is. I don’t recall any humour actually working. The backgrounds of the two Angels are largely sidelined too, despite the potential for more engaging storytelling involved.

Worse, for all the claims by Banks of this being a feminist movie, the story heavily relies on classic feminine seduction methods. Admittedly, this is a conundrum inherited from the TV series, but for a 2019 reboot, is it unfair to expect a revision?

Personally, I found the above flaw to be disappointing. I’ll go to the extent of saying it’s hypocritical as well.

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