Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019 | Nov 16, 2019

Orchard Road Christmas Lights 2019
Christmas on a Great Street

Year-end festivities officially begin with Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019.

In the blink of an eye, 2019 year-end is upon us.

And with that, the Christmas holiday season begins with the annual Orchard Road Christmas lights.

There’s a bit of an unspoken story with this year’s festive light-up too, if I could mischievously highlight. After the Disney-themed one that was more than a bit of a hit and miss last year, organisers have reverted to classic themes. Or should I say, more traditional, less commercialised Christmas motifs? These being Christmas trees, Santas, reindeers, etc.

It’s a good move, if you ask me. While not as exuberant and glitzy as last year, the It’s a good move, in my opinion. While not as exuberant and glitzy as last year, the decorations this time definitely feel more Christmas-like. No doubt, more agreeable for all the Disney [movie] haters too.

Oh, one other thing. I think this is the first time ever that the fairy-lights do not crisscross the actual Orchard Road. You know, as it those strings of decorations that form a light tunnel of sorts over the traffic?

This is likely a nod to ongoing concerns about environmentalism, energy-saving, and global warming. The absence does result in a dimmer feel overall, to be honest. But for the sake of Mother Earth also being able to celebrate the year-end, wouldn’t you say it’s well worth it?

I think it is.

Orchard Road Christmas Lights 2019

Ion Orchard Christmas 2019
Ion Orchard goes the avant-garde route this year. That is definitely one of the most unusual, and stylish, Christmas trees I’ve ever seen.
Ion Orchard Christmas Tree 2019
Closer view of Ion Orchard’s majestic set piece for this year.
Ion Orchard Christmas 2019 Serpent
Hiss!!!! Closer view of the Bvlgari airborne serpent adorning Ion Orchard this festive season. Setup for this began in October, as I remember, and it’s hands-down the most unique decoration this year!
Wheelock Place Christmas 2019
Wheelock Place festive showpiece for this year. It’s nice that they come up with something different each year. (In case you are wondering, those steps lead to nowhere)
Orchard Road Xmas Light Up 2019
Champagne gold’s the theme for this year at Forum Galleria.
Tanglin Mall Christmas Garden 2019.
Tanglin Mall’s theme this year is that of a magical Christmas garden. It’s less elaborate compared to previous years, but still an elegant photo/selfie opportunity.
NAO Orchard Road November 2019
N.A.O. was ongoing on light-up night. Quite a bit of a crowd even at 9.30 pm.
Wisma Atria Christmas 2019
“Once Upon a Time” fairy tale magic at Wisma Atria. (Reminds me that I really ought to finish watching the series one of these days)
Takashimaya Christmas Tree 2019
Takashimaya i.e. Ngee Ann City Christmas tree 2019. It looks kinda fruity, doesn’t it?
Paragon Singapore Christmas 2019
Paragon with their signature huge outdoor Christmas tree. The whole of Orchard Road is a forest of Christmas trees this year!
Paragon Christmas 2019 Reindeer
One of several “cubism” reindeers outside Paragon. There’s a distinctive Art Deco, futurism feel to it.
Mandarin Gallery Chrismtas 2019
Vibrant poinsettias at Mandarin Gallery. As I mentioned above, traditional motifs make a comeback in Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019.
Orchard Gateway Christmas 2019
Orchard Gateway opts for Happy Feet i.e. penguins this year. Something uncommon, I’d say. Probably a shade too simplistic for some shoppers, though.
Orchard Gateway Snow 2019.
Orchard Gateway again with their ever-popular snow show. It’s a blizzard of fun!
Orchard Central Christmas 2019
Orchard Central’s “Christmas tunnel” for this year. Simple, classic, and graceful. A great selfie backdrop for those familiar with lens magic too. (Or should I say, lens “crushing”)

Update Nov 25: Great Christmas Village 2019

This year’s Orchard Road Christmas village is divided into three locations at Grange Road, *SCAPE, and Shaw House. Ongoing till Dec 26, the grounds feature a mixture of carnival games, rides, food stalls, and festive performances.

Orchard Road Christmas Village 2019
Great Christmas Village 2019 at Grange Road. Lots of carnival game stalls here.
Great Christmas Village 2019 at *SCAPE.
The grounds at *SCAPE. There’s a large, neon-festive stage here.
Great Christmas Village 2019 Venetian Carousel.
Double-decker Venetian Carousel at the Shaw House location.


Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019 is ongoing till … hey, the official page doesn’t say! But of course it’ll last till the New Year.

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Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019
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Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019
Singapore Year-end festivities, dining, and shopping officially begins with Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2019.

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