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Wonderland Savour VivoCity Review
Wonderland Savour VivoCity

Dining with the Red Queen and Mad Hatter at Wonderland Savour VivoCity.

Do you like Alice? As in the strange little girl who went down a rabbit hole, journeyed through a looking glass, and twice found adventure in a strange land called Wonderland?

The weird little girl who could be superbly imaginative, or psychotic, or deeply disturbed, or … simply telling the “truth” about her fabulous adventures?

Well, I love everything that has to do with the Alice stories, particularly the reimagined characters in modern video games and movies – movies such as the Tim Burton ones.

Wonderland Savour at Vivocity, which pays homage to the Tim Burton movies, was thus high on my “must dine at” list after I chanced upon it in late August. Since then, I’ve also visited the cafe twice. I’m pleased to say the food, the service, and the ambience, all didn’t disappoint. Both visits were also quirky experiences, dining under the haughty stare of her majesty the Red Queen.

Wonderland Savour Vivocity Décor

Wonderland Savour VivoCity Dessert Counter and Promotions.
Dessert counter and front of the café.
Mad Hatter Bar
The Mad Hatter himself watches over the well-stocked bar.
The Red Queen of Wonderland
Her ever splendid majesty, the Red Queen of Wonderland.
Wonderland Savour VivoCity Restaurant Interior.
Other classic Alice in Wonderland characters are featured too.

Menu and Food

Wonderland Savour VivoCity Menu.
Wonderland Savour VivoCity Menu.

Being alone, I opted for the set menu during both visits. The following pictures are from the set dinner I ordered during my second visit.

Baby Potato Salad with Onsen Egg and Bonito Flakes at Wonderland Savour VivoCity.
Refreshing Baby Potato Salad starter. The Onsen egg base, mixed with smoked pork sausages and bonito flakes, gave this appetizer an intricate but refreshing taste.
Wonderland Savour Soup of the Day
Soup of the day i.e. tomato soup. This was rich but I’m not too sure about those weird swirly dots …
Duck Confit with mash, carrots, and mushrooms at Wonderland Savour VivoCity.
My main course: Duck Confit with a base of potato mash, carrot and mushrooms. This tasted as good as it looks. The duck was tender and full of flavour. The mash was mild and rustic too, a perfect complement for the heavy taste of the duck.

By the way, I’m sure you’ve noticed that while the café décor is decisively European, the cuisine is “fusion.” European food with distinct touches of the East.

Wonderland Savour VivoCity Desserts.
The yummy, yummy cold dessert counter. As colourful as Wonderland must be!
Wonderland Savour VivoCity Ice Cream Counter.
The ice cream counter. This is doing well, as you can see.

Wonderland Savour VivoCity is at 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-43 VivoCity, Singapore 098585.

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Elegant dinner in the presence of her majesty, the Red Queen, at Wonderland Savour VivoCity. (As the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit look on)

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