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Redhill Close, Singapore
Redhill Close, Singapore

The serenity of Redhill Close, a 1950s Singaporean housing project.

Till I closed my graphic design agency in Dec 2017, I regularly pass by Redhill estate, one of my key clients being at the adjacent Leng Kee Road industrial stretch.

Throughout these walk-bys, my impression was that the estate was “newly” rebuilt; I see only the new blocks towering over Tiong Bahru Road. I completely forgot that many older blocks, some over half a century old, still exist within the heart of the estate.

Many of these older public housing blocks have now been marked for redevelopment – or SERS as it’s known in HDB terminology. Strolling through these in the late afternoon, well, it’s a strange experience. Though old, though officially repossessed, the blocks are still well-maintained and clean. The surrounding grounds are spick-and-span too.

There being barely anyone around as I passed through also filled the area with a certain tranquillity. This silence could be a little disquieting at times, but mostly it was just peaceful and quiet. Personally, I’m surprised the estate is not yet an Instagram #nostagia hotspot.

Redhill Close

Redhill Road, Singapore
At Redhill Road. (I came from Redhill MRT). The blocks here are still inhabited, and as you can see, decorated primary in shades of red to befit the area name.
Redhill Block 72.
Redhill Block 72. Vibrant is the word for its exterior!
Redhill Estate New HDB Block.
This towering new edifice, just steps away from the (much) older Block 72, stands in stark contrast to the blocks surrounding it.
Redhill Close Estate
One of the above-mentioned SERS blocks. At a glance, you wouldn’t know that this is over 50 years old. Look closer and you will also see a little of the unique trapezoid roofs over these blocks. This feature was highlighted in write-ups such as this.
Redhill Close HDB.
Redhill Close Block 15. Interesting landscaping surrounding it, isn’t it? There’s a vague, very vague, neo-classical feel.
HDB Playground at Redhill, Singapore
An unused playground at the heart of the estate. This is either new or recently repainted.
Redhill Close SERS.
Ground floor corridor of a vacated block. Up-close, the wear and tear become more obvious.
Redhill Close Estate, Singapore
I’m not sure what plans HDB has for the area. But if revitalised as a new living estate, I wouldn’t mind staying here.
Deserted corridor at Redhill Close
The lack of anyone around made this shot possible. Symmetrically perfect, isn’t it?
Vacated HDB Block
My final shot, taken at the fringe of the estate along busy Jalan Bukit Merah. All vacated blocks have such gates at staircases, which prevented me from heading up any for an aerial shot. The solemn grilles also finalise Redhill Close’s current spot in Singaporean history.

All shots taken with my LG V40.

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Redhill Close | Home Tourist Photo Essay 6
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Redhill Close | Home Tourist Photo Essay 6
Late afternoon walk through the old Redhill Close estate. Part of this 1950s estate has already been designated for redevelopment.

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