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Fort Canning | Home Tourist Photo Essay 4

Evening View of Clarke Quay from Fort Canning Hill.
Evening View of Clarke Quay from Fort Canning Hill.

Visiting the royal hill of Singapore i.e. Fort Canning for the first time in 25 years.

I had a short hiatus with evening walks since my last post, reasons being:

  • The Haze. (What else?)
  • Went down to Little India to check out the Deepavali/Diwali lights for this year.
  • Unfortunately, a noise disturbance issue with my neighbour removed my mood for anything for a few days.

But, I’m back at it, and this time, I decided to check out a revitalised attraction of Singapore i.e. Fort Canning.

Would you believe it? The previous time I went all the way up to the “summit” was in the 90s. 1994, to be precise; I remember because I spent that afternoon reading a Shin Megami Tensei 2 walkthrough at the summit; as in SMT2 for the Super Nintendo.

With so many pictures of our former royal hill being shared on social media nowadays, the new gardens and all, I figured it’s high time that I revisit. Hmm, the place certainly looks and feels different. In fact, it’s so different, the only structure that I recognised was one of the public toilets …

Ascending Fort Canning!

Entrance at Hill Street. (There used to be a hawker centre here; with a stall selling kickass Chinese beef noodles.)
A quiet path beside the steps leading to the Ministry of Communications & Information HQ.
Many, many steps before the “summit!” Having just had dinner before this walk, I did not find the steps at all congenial.

Sang Nila Utama Garden

I was specifically on the lookout for this new attraction, having seen numerous pictures of it online. I’ll confess I was also curious as to how much of a Bali Handara Gate #deepfake it is too.

Erm, I’ll say it’s obviously not the real thing. But it’s serene, atmospheric, and a great photo backdrop nonetheless. Particularly for weddings.
Shot from within the garden. There are several gates, as you can see.
And … there are TWO #deepfake gates. One at either end of the garden!

Raffles Garden i.e. the “Summit”

Fort Canning Lighthouse. This view just screams Far Cry to me.
The Fort Canning Flagstaff. According to the explanatory plaques, this was very important for ships visiting Singapore during our trading post days.
Another view of Raffles Garden.

Let me break the mood a little here. The main reason why I never again went up to Fort Canning Hill since that afternoon in 1994, was because I encountered something weird.

Something truly weird, and lewd.

You see, there used to be this large wooden pavilion near the lighthouse. A square one a few steps away from the “cliff” overlooking Clarke Quay. That memorable afternoon, I strolled past the pavilion and saw the following:

  • A teenage couple, in school uniform, in rather intimate positions.
  • Squatting at the edges of the pavilion were two middle-age men. They were, you know, spying on, you know …

Would you believe it? Naïve me actually approached one of the older guys as he tiptoed away. I even ASKED him what he was doing, rather loudly, and continued to stare despite him looking supremely aghast.

He didn’t assault me. Instead, he spat, “Looking at you LAH!” in Mandarin. Before storming away.

… Oh foolish me. And the things I used to do! (I leave it to your imagination whether I was really that clueless)

View of Clarke Quay

A medley of evening colours. I shot this just before heading downhill.
At “mid-hill,” where an overhead bridge conveniently connects to party area Clarke Quay.

All pictures were shot with my LG V40.

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Fort Canning Evening Walk
Visiting the former royal hill of Singapore i.e. Fort Canning. A place I’ve stayed away from for decades because of a certain incident …


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