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Robertson Quay Singapore.
Robertson Quay Singapore.

Revisiting my previous jogging route at Robertson Quay.

Third Friday evening walk. The location: Robertson Quay.

Nothing much to say about this famous dining/drinking hotspot, except that it used to be my jogging route.

Yup. I stayed near Mohamed Sultan Road for a few months in 2005/2006, and twice, thrice a week back then, I would jog all the way from my place to the fringes of Tiong Bahru Park.

As for the actual route, Robertson Quay made up the first leg, and whether it was the afternoon, the early evening, or late at night, I always found the riverside promenade to be most scenic.

One other thing. Despite all the local architecture, the area just doesn’t feel Singaporean to me. I can’t explain this beyond saying, maybe it’s all the non-Singaporean restaurants and pubs. Or maybe it’s all those soaring condominiums upriver.

Silly as it sounds, one main reason why I loved those jogs so much was because it was like a one-hour overseas trip. I never failed to feel exhilarated after a run.

Dinner at River Valley Road

I did things a little differently this time around. Because I skipped lunch, I was famished when I reached the area! I thus made a beeline for the cafes opposite Tank Road. Back in 2005/2006, I had dinner at these eateries at least three times a week.

River Valley Road Eateries
The aforementioned eateries at River Valley Road.

I opted for chicken rice at Feng Feng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice. This renovated café is really atmospheric! Those vinyls also reminded me I ought to arrange more Taiwanese songs for the Electone.

Feng Feng Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
I ordered the “Deluxe Single Set Meal.” The inclusion of hot-dog slices is unusual, and I’d have preferred the rice to be, ahem, oilier. But the chicken itself was just right. Tender, silky, and fresh.

By the way, Feng Feng shares the same premises with Teng Kee Seafood. So there’s over a hundred items on the menu, other than chicken rice.


Mohamed Sultan Road

This was one of the main party areas of Singapore in the 90s and 2000s. Today though, the street looks and feels much more, what’s the word, matured?  But there are still some drinking spots..

Mohamed Sultan Road.
There used to be a really popular club at this spot. For the life of me, I can’t remember the name. Even though I ever got pissed drunk here in 1999.
Hong San See Temple (凤山寺).
One of the most unusual sights in the area. A Wuxia-like temple at the heart of an F&B street!

Robertson Walk

I’ve long considered this to be Singapore’s (very) mini Europe.

Robertson Walk Main Square.
Robertson Walk’s main square. Still looks utterly Mediterranean to me. (Is the style Italian? Or Spanish?)
Robertson Walk Fountain.
Closer shot of the fountain. You know, I’ve never found out which classic fountain this is modelled after.
Kanpai 789 Craft Beer.
This looks like a nice place to chill after a workweek.

Robertson Quay

The main affair and “purpose” of my walk! The lively Robertson Quay entertainment stretch.

Alkaff Bridge Photo
The always-colourful Alkaff Bridge. Frankly, I still cannot see how this resembles a “Tongkang,” as they always say in brochures.
Robertson Quay Mid Autumn 2019 Celebrations
It was incidentally, Mid-Autumn. So some restaurants and pubs had festive displays. (No screaming kids with flaming lanterns though, thankfully)
Robertson Quay Restaurants.
Some of the restaurants and pubs at Robertson Quay. None of these were around when I lived in the area.
Pulau Saigon Bridge Underpass Mural
Mural at the underpass for Pulau Saigon Bridge. It doesn’t look obvious in my picture but this tersely tells the story of the founding of modern Singapore by Raffles and team. With Farquhar, rather daintily, sniffing a flower in a previous picture.
The Warehouse Hotel evening shot.
My favourite landmark of the area. Now known as The Warehouse Hotel.
Robertson Quay Bridges
The bridges of Robertson Quay. These have always been photogenic. Especially at night.

I ended my walk at Great World City, and as you can see from the picture below, the limitations of my phone camera begins to show. Combined with the onset of 2019’s Haze Season, the twin towers acquired a certain … Gotham feel? See? Told ya the area doesn’t feel Singaporean!

Great World City at Night
Great World City at Night

Update Apr 2023

It’s been almost four years since I wrote this post!

Was recently at Robertson Quay for a few days too—was having a staycation at the great M Social Singapore. I naturally took the opportunity to snap some new pictures.

Robertson Walk Central Fountain
Robertson Walk Central Fountain looks the same. However, it’s no longer possible to step up to it. (Probably for reasons of public hygiene)
Singapore River View from Robertson Bridge
Serene evening view from Robertson Bridge. (Taken on a Tuesday)
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Pavilion
The fountain pavilion beside Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel still looks utterly perfect for a wedding.

All pictures were shot with my LG V40.

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Robertson Quay Evening Walk
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Robertson Quay Evening Walk
Evening walk at Robertson Quay. Years ago, I used to jog by this upmarket recreational and residential area twice a week.

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