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Kai Duck Takashimaya Review
Kai Duck Takashimaya Review

Succulent duck dinner at the new Kai Duck Cantonese Restaurant @ Ngee Ann City.

Do you love Cantonese cuisine? Dim sum, roast meats, soups, and all that?

I do. Of course, I do, I’m Cantonese, after all. I also happen to enjoy the earthly taste of duck, canard dishes being one of my must-orders whenever I visit any French brasserie.

For the above reasons, when my family passed by the new Kai Duck Restaurant at Ngee Ann City last Sunday, I insisted on having dinner there.

How was the dining experience? Well, I absolutely loved the Hong Kong teahouse-inspired décor. The food, especially the roasted duck that we ordered, was also nothing short of fabulous too.

The service, overall, was earnest but slightly slow, this probably due to opening weekend confusions. However, it’s fair to say the quality of food more than made up for that. Anyway, we didn’t wait that long, we were done eating within an hour.

Kai Duck Restaurant Décor

As you can see, there a strong Hong Kong tea house flavour to the décor. Add in dim sum carts and you’d believe you’re in the Fragrant Harbour.

Kai Duck Restaurant Front Counter
The front counter. Free lollipops for diners. 😛
Kai Duck Takashimaya Restaurant Overview
Kai Duck Restaurant overview.
Kai Duck Restaurant @ Ngee Ann City
I don’t know what this is called. The roasted duck counter? The open kitchen? BTW, the restaurant has elegantly designed private rooms too.

Kai Duck Menu and Food

Kai Duck Menu.
The menu. Apart from duck and poultry dishes, Kai Duck offers dim sum and other Cantonese dishes too.
Kai Duck Restaurant Roasted Duck.
My mom isn’t too fond of Peking Duck, so we ordered Roasted Duck instead.

About the Roasted Duck, this was truly done to perfection. It looks a little fatty in my picture, but the crispy skin, the fat, and the meat come apart with the slightest effort. The meat itself is also tender, juicy, and splendidly flavourful.

Crispy-fried “Tempura” Sweet Corn.
Crispy-fried “Tempura” Sweet Corn. Something quite unusual. It’s like (fried) corn-on-the-cob but without the mess.
Pan-seared Yellow Croaker Fish at Kai Duck
Pan-seared Yellow Croaker Fish. Not a big fan of seafood, I found this a little fishy and didn’t like it.
Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles at Kai Duck Restaurant.
Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles. This is quite different compared to the ones served by, say, the Paradise Group. It’s less soupy and spicy. There’s also a stronger peppery taste in the broth.

Update: Feb 2020

Popped by the restaurant again before watching Sonic the Hedgehog. 🙂

Kai Duck Dan Dan Noodles.
I had Szechuan Dan Dan Noodles again. Compared to the previous time, the peppery broth is now more soupy. There’s also lots of flavourful pork bits.
Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck.
Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck. As expected, the duck was crispy and yummy, and went well with the cracker and lavish amount of cream.
Kai Duck Takashimaya Wine List.
I didn’t have any but here’s the wine list. I don’t remember seeing this during my previous visit.

391 Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City, #05-10/11 (right beside one of the main escalator wells). Check here for more details!

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Kai Duck | Geeky Restaurant Adventures 14
Kai Duck review. I enjoyed a yummy duck dinner at this new Hong Kong teahouse-inspired restaurant at Ngee Ann City.

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