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Ready or Not, pun intended, this wicked salad of dark comedy, survival horror, and gore, will leave you breathless and in stitches.

Ready or Not Review: 5 thumbs-up and 1 thumbs-down
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Ready or Not Synopsis

It’s inane, but newly-wedded Grace still goes along with her in-laws’ tradition of playing a childish game at midnight to finalise her entry into the family. Things quickly take a very dark turn, though, when she discovers it’s not just a game; every member of the family, with the possible exception of her husband, is genuinely out to butcher her. Worse, the family is motivated by a devilish objective, failing which, all of them stand to lose the immense fortune they are dependent on.

Snappy Review

Going by the trailer and poster, I expected Ready or Not to be a gripping survival horror film infused with many dashes of the macabre.

But it turned out to be much more than that! Not only is it darkly comedic, with all sorts of character ambiguity painted in, there’s an agonizing escape sequence and no shortage of gore.

Most of all, the whole movie never forgets to remind that hapless scream-queens are soooooo yesterday. A thing of the past that we shouldn’t even think of anymore.

Indeed, this was such a genuine joy to watch, doubly so after the movie when I realised just how well integrated the many disparate elements were. A lot of flicks end up being distastefully giddying because too many ingredients are thrown into the soup. Everything then ends up either half-baked or contradictory.

Not this movie. Through location shifts and an assortment of other visual cues, Ready or Not deftly delivers its yummy platter of thrills, gore, and laughs. There were hilarious moments, there were intense ones. There was even a wonderfully mischievous moment before the final mayhem when it felt as if the movie was going to turn everything on its head.

In short, this will go down in my books as one of the most indulgent watches of 2019. It certainly has one of the most riotously satisfying conclusions too. I’ll just leave it at that so as not to give the climax away.

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