Singapore Night Festival 2019 | Night Lights

Singapore Night Festival 2019.
Singapore Night Festival 2019 Night Lights

Checking out the Night Lights of Singapore Night Festival 2019.

It’s approaching the end of August. With that, it’s time to visit this year’s Singapore Night Festival!

This is my third time going. As I mentioned two years ago, I’ve been skipping for years and only went in 2017 for the sake of some posts. (Hmm).

I deeply enjoyed what I saw back then too, and ever since, this has been an annual “pilgrimage” for me. Coming back to this year’s festival, and as like everything else in 2019, most displays are conceptualised around the Singaporean identity, it being the Bicentennial year and all that.

The concepts are never in-your-face, though, at least nowhere near the sort we see for National Day. In addition, the festival grounds are easier to “cover” as well, which was a great relief for me. One rare thing that I didn’t like about previous festivals was how much backtracking I had to do while encumbered by my camera gear.

Starting at Singapore Night Festival 2019 Zone 4: Waterloo Street and Queen Street

Before I begin, allow me to highlight Singapore Night Festival 2019 is less overwhelming compared to the previous two years.

With the Singapore Art Museum, the Peranakan Museum, and even the Philatelic Museum closed for renovations, there are lesser exhibitions and shows to attend. This might disappoint some visitors but if you’re just visiting for the Night Lights, there are less distractions, so to speak.

Having learned my lesson from the previous two years, I also started my walk this time round at the National Design Centre. In both 2017 and 2018, I had to skip the major display here because of long queues at 8 pm. This time, by arriving before opening time,  I finally managed to photograph the NDC’s showpieces.

Work-in-progress by Asylum | Singapore Night Festival 2019
Work-in-progress by Asylum. IMO, this has to be seen in person for maximum impact. Photos just can’t capture the dramatic Tetris-inspired moving light beams on the structure.
In Circles by Aubergine Architects
In Circles by Aubergine Architects, which I queued 10 minutes for. Simple presentation, but perfect if you’re looking for space odyssey-like selfies.
Sk(r)etch by Ca Kway Teow x 3M.
Sk(r)etch by Ca Kway Teow x 3M. This installation near Bras Basah isn’t one of the Night Lights. I thought the use of 3M reflective materials to create different photos with and without flash was smart.

Zone 3: SMU Campus Green

Several Night Lights here, together with other festive events. All were clustered at the SMU Campus Green, making them very convenient to enjoy.

Singapore Night Festival 2019 SMU Campus Green Night Lights & Programmes.
Detour Pavilion by Weixin Quek Chong, Luca Lum, Kin Chui and Johann Yamin, Glow Away by HeritageCares x Sansys Collective, and In:Sight by Tran Tuan Cong, Alison Poon and Sansys Collective.

Zone 1: National Museum of Singapore

The façade light projection show here was what I was looking forward to most. And it didn’t disappoint! Be it the quirkiness, the choice of soundtrack, or the gorgeous visuals, this year’s NMS light projection extravaganza was an absolute joy.

National Museum of Singapore Light Show.
Keep Dreaming by Spectaculaires. The “Face” of Singapore Night Festival 2019, literally. And one of the best light projection shows I’ve ever watched in Singapore.
Keep Dreaming by Spectaculaires.
The many transformations of Keep Dreaming. (The WoW mage in me woke up when the face said, Hall of Origin.)

Other Night Lights and Attractions at NMS

Intergalactic Dream by Jahan Loh.
Intergalactic Dream by Jahan Loh. This reminded me of a doomsday device from a movie/Anime. But for the life of me, I can’t recall which one.
The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires
The Legend of Ramayana by Spectaculaires at the Old Banyan Tree. An atmospheric retelling of the battle chapter of the Hindu epic.

Zone 2: Armenian Street Park and CHIJMES

Other Night Lights and programmes that I managed to visit and photograph.

S.C.U.L.P.T. by Yann Nguema; assisted by Arnaud Doucet.
S.C.U.L.P.T. by Yann Nguema; assisted by Arnaud Doucet. It’s an interactive installation allowing visitors to manipulate the appearance via laser beams.
Singapore Night Festival 2019 Armenian Street Park Festival Village.
Armenian Street Park Festival Village. With the completion of roadworks and the closure of the Peranakan Museum, the ambience here this time round is completely different.
Trip of your "lyf" by Lyf@SMU Labs | Singapore Night Festival 2019
Various attractions at Trip of your “lyr” by Lyr@SMU Labs. I had a VERY unexpected encounter here, btw, which I’d write about if I have the time next week.
Tropicana by The Electric Canvas | Singapore Night Festival 2019
Stamford Court clock tower beautifully adorned with Tropicana by The Electric Canvas.
Singapore Night Festival 2019 Night Lights.
Clockwise from top left: Disco Walkway by AUX Media Group, Symbiote by LiteWerkz, and Waves of Time by Chips and Toon.
Pulse at Capitol Piazza.
Last but not least, Pulse by Galina Mihaleva, Hedren Sum, Vibeke Sorensen, Brandon Leo & Nagaraju Thummanapalli at Capitol Piazza. I have to say this installation looks quite different in a photo than when viewed in person. For the latter, the experience is more “serene.”

Singapore Night Festival 2019 is ongoing till Aug 31, 2019.
Festive map here!

Singapore Night Festival 2022 Highlights.

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Singapore Night Festival 2019 | Night Lights
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Singapore Night Festival 2019 | Night Lights
Enjoying the “Night Lights” of Singapore Night Festival 2019. Like everything else this year, the displays adopt a strong Singaporean cultural identity.

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