VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in WonderLand | Aug 23, 2019

VivoCity's Curious Adventures in Wonderland 2019Celebrating Mid-Autumn 2019 at VivoCity's Curious Adventures in Wonderland themed display.

Celebrate Mid-Autumn 2019 with the White Rabbit and Red Queen at VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in Wonderland.

The Eighth Lunar Month is nearly upon us. With that, it means three things. Mooncakes, divine moon goddesses, and cutesy lanterns featuring rabbits and more.

Yes, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Over at VivoCity, celebrations adopt a western twist this year with the integration of Alice and friends into the festive displays. As in that Alice. You know, the one who tumbled down a hole into Wonderland?

I thought this was creative. Very creative. Alice isn’t a moon goddess i.e. a western Chang’e by any count, but magical rabbits do prominently feature in both the classic Chinese Mid-Autumn myth and Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. VivoCity’s spacious Sky Park has also long proven itself to be the perfect venue for illumination displays.

Anyway, here are the pictures. Before I begin, allow me to highlight these enchanting set pieces were crafted by over 50 artisans. The biggest set soars to 10m tall too.

VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in Wonderland 2019

Alice in Wonderland Lantern Display at Vivocity's Curious Adventures in Wonderland 2019.
This madcap adventure begins with a life-size storybook entrance!
Down the Rabbit Hole at VivoCity's 2019 Mid-Autumn Celebrations.
The Down the Rabbit Hole set piece. No tumbling necessary here! But it’s still a whirlwind of sights once you’re within the magical passage.
A Mad Tea Party | VivoCity's Curious Adventures in WonderLand.
The quirky A Mad Tea Party comes with a precarious teacup stack and comfy armchairs. Perfect for selfies!
Tunnel of Soldiers | VivoCity's Curious Adventures in WonderLand.
Friendly card soldiers at the absolutely enchanting Tunnel of Soldiers. I love these adorable dudes. (Though being so friendly, it means they aren’t that great as bodyguards …)
Curious Adventures in Wonderland 2019 Pool of Cards.
More adorable card soldiers at the Pool of Cards.
The Queen's Castle at VivoCity's Curious Adventures in Wonderland.
Last but not least, the Red Queen at The Queen’s Castle! This majestic 10m tall palace is completely made from handcrafted lanterns. A feat befitting her majesty’s regal status.

Other Activities to Enjoy at VivoCity this Mid Autumn

1. Join in a Rabbit’s Quest – An Augmented Reality (AR) Hunt

Between Aug 23 and Sep 22, 2019, CATCH as many characters as you can at the Sky Park to win Mapletree or FairPrice Xtra vouchers. Simply look out for QR codes around the event and scan to start playing.

2. Reap Your Rewards

You’ll be rewarded with a $10 Mapletree voucher with a minimum $250 spent at VivoCity between Aug 15 and Sep 15, 2019. Limited to the first 120 shoppers daily on weekdays and the first 200 shoppers daily on weekends. Maximum of two combined same-day receipts. Other conditions apply.

3. Tangs Mid-Autumn Fair

What’s Mid-Autumn in Singapore without a mooncake fair? A dazzling variety from over 40 hotels and bakeries awaits you at VivoCity’s main atrium. From now till Sep 15, 2019.

Tangs Mid-Autumn Fair at VivoCity, Singapore
Tangs Mid-Autumn Fair 2019.
VivoCity Mid Autumn Celebrations 2019 Map
Event Map.

VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in Wonderland is ongoing from now till Sep 22, 2019. Light-up time at the Sky Park is from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Check here for other VivoCity events!

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VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in WonderLand
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VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in WonderLand
This Mid-Autumn, enjoy a whimsical journey in Wonderland with VivoCity’s Curious Adventures in WonderLand celebration.

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