Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Opening | Aug 2, 2019

Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Opening.
Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Opening.

Pictures from the new Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central outlet.

Yup, I have another Don Don Donki post. Before I continue, let me just say I’m not sponsored for these.

If only. I’m also not setting up some sort of fan blog for Donki: I just happened to be at Clarke Quay last evening and since I recently posted some pictures about the Novena outlet, I thought, why not “do” the Clarke Quay outlet too?

And so I popped in. Wormed my way through the crowds, and ended up buying a whole bag of snacks.


Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Fruits and Vegetables Section.
The fruits and vegetable section near the main entrance. Pretty similar to the one at the other Central i.e. Orchard Central. And with a dedicated sweet potato stall beside it.
Snaffles Catch Cakes from Hokkaido.
Snaffles Catch Cakes from Hokkaido. Said to be the top cheesecake from Hokkaido. (I’m not that into cheesecakes so I have no idea before last night…)
Donki Singapore Clarke Quay Central Branch.
The meat section looks really autumn-y!
Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Food.
All sorts of sashimi delights at the seafood section. There are some pretty exotic things on sale here.
Don Don Donki Clarke Quay.
A quiet corner.
Donki Clarke Quay Central Fruit Alcoholic Drinks
Look at all these fruity alcoholic drinks. Highballs, Lemon Sours, etc.
Teppanyaki Counter at Donki Clarke Quay Central
Teppanyaki counter. I love Teppanyaki so I’d be coming back on another evening to try this.
Donki Clarke Quay Food Court.
The Japanese food court section. It’s around the size of the one at City Square Mall. With a Hokkaido parfait dessert store, pasta store, etc, too.

Before I end this (very) short post, permit me to highlight that the “Donkis” we’re getting all over the country aren’t exactly the same as the ones in Japan.

Because ours are more of … Japanese food supermarkets.

If you’ve been to the first outlet at Orchard Central when it opened in December 2017, you’d remember a substantial part of it sold garments, novelties, watches, electronics, etc. Months later, that outlet was significantly re-shelved to allow more space for snacks and titbits. All subsequent outlets then focused more on edibles instead of lifestyle products.

Just to be clear, I’m not complaining. I understand the business decision too. Yeah, I get a kick from seeing those quirky lifestyle products but I doubt cosplay Sailor Moon costumes sell that well.

But still, it would be nice if it’s not so much about food. Perhaps I should do my part to encourage other products, by finally buying some of the remaining novelty items still on sale.


Tendon Kokahu: Donburi Restaurant Right Next to Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central

Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Opening
Article Name
Don Don Donki Clarke Quay Central Opening
Singapore’s sixth Don Don Donki outlet opens at Clarke Quay Central. Japan’s favourite discount store chain is really popping up all over town.

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