Summer Matsuri 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa | Jun 6, 2019

Summer Matsuri 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa.Yummy food and exhilirating cultural performances at Resorts World Sentosa's first ever Summer Matsuri.

Enjoying Awa Odori and Kanto Balancing at Resorts World Sentosa’s first ever Summer Matsuri.

Read about this event last week on Facebook and had been excited about it ever since.

You see, despite having visited Japan well over ten times, I’ve never actually seen any of its famed summer celebrations, reason being I avoid this (hot) season entirely. As enamoured as I am with the streets festivals and dance parades and fireworks, which I see so often on Anime, I just can’t imagine myself enjoying Japan when it’s even warmer than Singapore. When it’s even SWEATIER than Singapore.

Thank goodness, thus, for events like RWS’ first ever Summer Matsuri, which brings the best of the Japanese summer here. The yummy selection of food aside, the exotic performances of Shikoku’s Awa Odori dance and Tohoku’s Kanto balancing were nothing short of exhilarating, best part of it being everything was at a sheltered, breezy location. As I went on opening day, the crowd wasn’t unbearable too; I actually managed to secure front spots for both key performances. It was truly a delight viewing the exotic performances so up close and personal. Absolutely thrilling as well.

RWS Summer Matsuri Food

First off, the food stalls. To be honest, I wasn’t there for these but that was clearly not the case for many other visitors. The selection was pretty decent too, with prices mostly between 6 dollars to 15.

Yummy Japanese food at Resorts World Sentosa.
Some of the food and beverage stalls. (A separate air-conditioned area was set aside for alcoholic beverages and snacks)
Melon Soft Serve at Resorts World Sentosa Summer Matsuri 2019
The melon soft-serve on the left is probably the most exotic dessert at RWS Summer Matsuri 2019. It costs SGD 20/-.
Japanese Kimchi Dishes at a Singaporean food fair.
Kimchi-based dishes for visitors looking for more kick in their food.

Awa Odori (阿波踊り) Performance by Tokyo Koenji

Let’s see. I think I first learned about the Awa Odori in … 1988? When I played Gambare Goemon 2? I’ve since regarded the centuries-old dance festival as one of the most unique and quirky performances in Japan, even though I’ve never actually seen any in person. I’m thrilled to say the actual dance matches my expectations, on top of being incredibly exuberant.

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019.
Ready to go. The amigasa straw hat is the signature look of the Awa Odori dance.
Awa Odori Performance in Singapore.
I repeat, positively exuberant the moment it begins. The moves and music has a certain mesmerizing quality too.
Resorts World Sentosa Summer Matsuri Awa Odori Performance
More pictures. Including from the evening performance, which takes on a different feel.
Video montage.

By the way, the Awa Odori is part of Japan’s celebration of Obon, the Japanese Buddhism festival in which spirits of deceased ancestors are said to visit living relatives in August each year. The same goes for Akita Kanto.

Akita Kanto (秋田竿燈) Balancing

The other major cultural performance of RWS’ Summer Matsuri 2019, this was as spectacular as the Awa Odori was exuberant. The festive showpiece of Japan’s northern Akita Prefecture, Kanto refers to soaring bamboo poles 5 to 12 metres tall, each holding 24 to 46 lanterns. Each pole also weights 50 kg. Watching the performance right next to the stage, I must admit there were many moments that were both electrifying and intense.

Japanese Akita Kanto Performance.
The immense Kanto prior to the first performance.
Akita Kanto Performance at Resorts World Sentosa Summer Matsuri 2019.
The poles are balanced on really awkward parts of the body. Imagine 50 kg on your shoulder!
Akita Kanto Performance in Singapore.
On the palm, and on the HIP too!
Akita Kanto Performance at Resorts World Sentosa Summer Matsuri.
This was the most stunning moment during the evening performance. That’s the Kanto balanced at its tallest height for the show. While the performer leisurely flaps a Japanese fan.

RWS Summer Matsuri 2019 is ongoing till Jun 9, 2019.

Summer Matsuri 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa
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Summer Matsuri 2019 at Resorts World Sentosa
Yummy food and exhilarating cultural performances at Resorts World Sentosa's first ever Summer Matsuri.

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