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A light-hearted celebration of the Marvel formula, and women, Captain Marvel is a neon-lit appetizer before the galactic bash due in April.

Captain Marvel Movie Review: 6 thumbs-up and 1 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Synopsis

Vers, a Kree agent, is tormented by nightmares, although she has no concrete memory of her past. When she is captured after a bungled mission, a memory probe by the enemy race of Skrulls results in her crash landing on Earth and vaguely remembering her previous involvements with humans. Assisted by a young Nick Fury, Vers then digs up evidence pointing to her previous life on Earth, evidence that also strongly suggests she is not who she believes herself to be. Her discoveries eventually place her in open conflict with her Kree comrades. The outcome of which will forever transform her.

Snappy Review

You know, I didn’t quite realize why Captain Marvel was released around early March, specifically Mar 8 in the United States, till about an hour into the movie.

Yeah, that’s how numb I could be with … certain social concerns. Regarding this, let me just say that while I don’t entirely disagree with the move, it still felt gimmicky. I mean, strong women have long been a recurring theme in Marvel comics. (Who’s the most powerful FF member? Who’s the deadliest X-Men in the original group? Huh?) Other than an overt effort to repeat the socio-political triumph of Black Panther, was there really any other reason for this story angle?

But that’s just me. On the movie proper, hey, I greatly enjoyed it! And that’s not just because I’ve long been a sucker for overpowered, strong-willed women.

Unsurprising as it might be, Carol Danvers’ eagerness to become whom she’s intended to be is an invigorating change from all the whiny, indisposed Marvel dudes who usually take soooooooooo long to get into the action of things. A happier and cornier Nick Fury was also, well, entertaining. Although many times, I thought Samuel Jackson was overkilling it. With the end-result being pretty cringe-worthy.

Story-wise, I regretfully have to agree with some established film critics that everything’s formulaic; specifically, too Marvel formulaic. There’s a twist but nothing that’s ground-breaking and certainly nothing that’s inspirational.

In case this comes across too negatively, permit me to highlight that Captain Marvel is, in and out, an obvious preamble to the big Endgame bash. Like appetizers in a gourmet meal, the movie’s key objective is to put audiences in the mood for the main dish due April.

As far as that is concerned, I think all the neon-lit, enthusiastic bashing did a nifty job. For the moment, I’m greatly looking forward to spicy exchanges between Danvers and Thanos in the upcoming showdown. I get the feeling Thanos will be in for the painful end of things too.


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