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Happy Death Day 2U returns with more hysteria and comedy about time-looped dying. As well as a tone switch that might not appeal to everyone.

Happy Death Day 2U Review: 6 thumbs-up and 2 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U Synopsis

Ryan i.e. Carter’s Asian roommate finds himself unceremoniously trapped in his own murderous loopy time loop. Upon investigation, Ryan, Carter, and Tree determine the cause of the anomaly, following by which meddling with the source results in Tree being trapped in yet another time loop. To Tree’s horror, she then discovers it’s not just another time loop, but also one that’s in another reality; an alternate universe that has everything a little bit different. She is next confronted by a dilemma tougher than death. This dilemma challenges everything she has become since her survival in the first movie.

Snappy Review

As was the case for many viewers, Happy Death Day in 2017 was an unexpected little gem for me. Apart from Jessica Rothe’s deliriously delicious acting, the movie so seamlessly and so splendidly integrated suspense and comedy.

What’s doubly amazing was that I didn’t even mind the lack of explanation for the time loops. Everything else was so satisfying, it didn’t feel necessary. Like I previously mentioned, I didn’t even notice the absence of any such revelation, till after the movie.

Happy Death Day 2U retains the same formula but this time, there’s a clear explanation right from the start. And with that, through that, a whole new theme as well. On this, I must admit that while I still tremendously enjoyed this sequel, and appreciated the increased emotional depth, something felt a little off this time around.

Yeah, a little “off.” Some reviews I’ve read attributed this to an overall lack of freshness; as in, there’s no longer any genuine surprise. While I’m not in disagreement, I’ll supplement by highlighting I believe the writers were aware of this inevitable outcome. Correspondingly, they tried to circumvent it by moving the story into different grounds.

The result, to be honest, felt like a mixed bag. To begin with, I would have preferred a wee bit more of the previous nail-biting suspense; that being what I was returning for.

But given the nature of the story and of sequels, I suppose there may not be any better way to go. That is, without the sequel becoming repetitive. What I’m really curious about now is, how part 3 would be, if that ever happens? Would we be in another time loop? Or perhaps, another definition of time entirely?

Or would it be a rehash of everything in part 1, but with a twist?

It’s an intriguing question for me.


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