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Paradox (2016) is the saddest movie I’ve watched in years. An imaginative and gripping story is completely, obsessively dragged down by abysmal acting and dialogue.

Paradox (2016) Movie Review: 2 thumbs-up and 6 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Paradox (2016)

Paradox (2016) Synopsis

Five scientists are assembled by a mysterious man to construct a time machine. Their first live test goes well, but test subject Jim returns from one hour in the future to state they will all be murdered by midnight. As the team races against the clock to understand what’s happening, it becomes increasingly obvious someone in their group is out to kill everybody. Worse, there appears to be no way to prevent the murders. Their gruesome deaths over the next hour are seemingly cast in concrete.

Snappy Review

I thought about using the word “paradox” to, erm, describe Paradox (2016). But I think the more appropriate word here would be schizophrenic.

Yeah. Schizophrenic. Split personality. There are just so many things within this movie that are polar opposites.

  1. A truly gripping and innovative take on the classic time-travel story. Executed by some of the worst movie dialogue I’ve heard in years.
  2. A ponderous examination of the frightening concept of predetermination. An analysis poisoned by a psychotic obsession to scream the F word every other minute.
  3. Professional cinematography. Intermixed with visual effects a student videographer would laugh at.
  4. Truly awful acting. Punctuated by moments of disturbingly realistic gore.

And so on.

The short of it, I gave this movie 2 out of 5 stars in my snippet because the story sustained my interest long enough for me to endure everything to the end. I needed to know the truth, put it that way.

As for whether I’d recommend watching this movie, under any circumstance, I’d say no. No!

Once you start, you’d need to know the ending and then you have to put yourself through 90 minutes of f-word shouting. The experience is likely to leave you dazed, to say the least.

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