River Hongbao 2019 Chinese New Year’s Eve Excursion | Feb 4, 2019

River Hongbao 2019 Entrance Walkway
River Hongbao 2019

Welcoming the Year of the Pig, or Boar, or Sow, at River Hongbao 2019.

‘Right, getting straight to the point for this River Hongbao 2019 post, because I’m worn out from Chinese New Year’s Eve feasting, photo-taking, and everything else!

Headed to Marina bayside extravaganza right after reunion dinner. Like last year, one of the key highlights this time around is a parade of immense lantern dioramas, with many of these gorgeous displays also strongly Singaporean in feel as this year’s River Hongbao is part of the Bicentennial festivities.

In fact, the largest one, at a stunning 60m long, is a complete visual celebration of Singapore’s history and heritage. This diorama is so wide, even my super-wide lens couldn’t capture everything in one shot when up-close.

River Hongbao 2019: Gorgeous Lanterns and Non-Stop Cultural Performances

River Hongbao 2019 at Marina Bay
Overview of River Hongbao 2019. That’s i Light Sg, another Bicentennial celebration, happening in the background at the ArtScience Museum.
River Hongbao Performance
Non-stop cultural performances on the main stage. Several were pretty entertaining
River Hongbao 2019 | Happiness of Springtime
One of the “star” lanterns: Happiness of Springtime (春风得意). For non-Chinese readers, peacocks represent a slew of lucky things to us Chinese.
River Hongbao 2019 Cai Shen.
Everybody’s favourite God of Fortune i.e. Cai Shen. (This year’s version looks really exuberant and, erm, somewhat athletic?)
River Hongbao 2019 Wishing Fountain.
Er … Suntec City’s cousin does a cameo here. Being a wishing fountain, there are bells with auspicious words for you to try hitting with tossed coins.
Abundance and Prosperity Lanterns.
Lovely golden carp to bring forth an entire year of abundance!
River Hongbao Bicentennial Edition.
Part of “Our Garden, Our Home,” the massive 60m showpiece I mentioned earlier. This isn’t very festive, if you know what I mean. But I guess it’s a must-have given this year’s River Hongbao is themed the “Bicentennial” edition. (As like every other celebration happening in Singapore in 2019)
Singapore Samsui Women Pioneers.
Samsui Women surrounding the Chinese character for home. These kickass ladies are making a really strong comeback in the local festive scene. They were featured during last year’s Mid-Autumn festivities too.

River Hongbao 2019 Fireworks

Another of the highlights for this year is the promise of fireworks galore.

There’s at least one performance each day. On Feb 3, 4, 9, and 10, there are also extended sessions lasting ten minutes. Schedule here.

What’s more, the extended sessions are conducted by different international companies, with the one for Chinese New Year’s Eve conceptualised by American company Pyro Spectaculars Inc.

Let me just say, Pyro Spectaculars’ show was hands-down the best fireworks I’ve ever watched live. So thrilling that I actually err, over-fiddled with my camera in excitement, and ended up only recording half of it …

(I blame the fumble on the music. They were playing movie soundtracks throughout. Raiders March. Superman ’78, Star Wars, even LET IT GO. Not very CNY, I know, but it was magnificent. Especially for a movie lover like me.)

River Hongbao 2019 Fireworks.
The first teaser at 10 pm.
Marina Bay Firework.
The second teaser at 11 pm.


The first half. With Raiders March and Theme from Superman 1978.

Update Feb 9, 2019

Unable to get over my boo-boo with the video recording, I returned to Marina Bay this evening for a second go.

This was a different show. Not sure which company was behind it too; I was recording from a different spot. Overall, I felt it wasn’t as thrilling as the version on the Eve. But that’s probably because I couldn’t hear the music from where I was this time.

Have a prosperous Year of the Pig 2019, everyone!

Chinese New Year’s Eve 2020.

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River Hongbao 2019 Chinese New Year’s Eve Excursion
Article Name
River Hongbao 2019 Chinese New Year’s Eve Excursion
Welcoming the Year of the Pig 2019 at River Hongbao 2019. It’s a dazzling and fiery start to a new lunar year!

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