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Light to Night Festival 2019 – The Art Week Edition | Jan 18, 2019

Light to Night Festival 2019 - The Art Week Edition
Light to Night Festival 2019 - The Art Week Edition

National Gallery Singapore, Victoria Theatre, and more, dazzingly dressed up for Light to Night Festival 2019 – The Art Week Edition.

The Christmas lights at Orchard Road were removed slightly over a week ago. With that, it’s time for … another light-up!

As I wrote in one of my Visiting Singapore listicles, there’s a light-up happening in Singapore every month nowadays, with Light to Night Festival the next one to go. Like last year’s festival, the landmarks of the civic district are also again colourfully dressed up using light art projections, while indoor programmes entertain till late.

Of note, this year’s festival is also split into “two unique experiences.” Each celebrates a different aspect of Singapore’s history and heritage. Each is also part of a larger festive campaign.

Singapore Light to Night Festival 2019 – The Art Week Edition

There are different exhibitions, performances, etc., but as usual, my main interest was the façade light projections on the civic district monuments. On the festival website, this was promoted as the Biggest Façade Light Show in Singapore.

National Gallery Singapore

Commencement of The Odyssey on the façade of the National Gallery Singapore City Hall Wing. A story about an explorer seeking his origins.
Over at the Supreme Court Wing. This is still part of The Odyssey, by the way.
The explorer of The Odyssey. He’s present in all light projections at the NGS.
Another view of The Odyssey Light Projection on the City Hall Wing.

By the way, the Explorer is the protagonist of every light projection in the Art Week Edition. Thus, providing the connection within a unifying theme.

Stasis and Flux at the Padang Atrium within NGS. Explorer is here creating “ripple effects across the universe.” LOL.
This is a new display venue i.e. the sidewall of the NGS Supreme Court Wing facing the Art House. Here, the Explorer is journeying through a surreal forest.
A showpiece of Sensorial Trail, found within National Gallery Singapore. This series of indoor displays each celebrates one of the senses. As for this particular one, doesn’t it look like something right out of Black Mirror?

The Art House

Poor Explorer is confronted by order and chaos over here.
Open books by Tell Your Children, Tan Zi Zi, and the Merry Men Works. Not an “explorer” display. Rather, dioramas celebrating the wonderful world of fiction.

Asian Civilisations Museum

Sticks by Sebastian Chun. According to the festive brochure, this was inspired by two retro SG games. Namely, pick Up Sticks and Bakau Piling. (I did think of Pick Up Sticks the moment I saw it; I was terrible at that game)
Over at ACM’s façade, the Explorer’s journey gets trippy again with Dreams and Reality.

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

The Explorer scaling the clock tower?! This reminded me of an 80s arcade game.

Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

I ended my evening at Light to Night Festival 2019, Art Week Edition on a very pleasant note. (Literally) A jazz concert was still ongoing when I reached the Esplanade. The band was playing the exact type of Jazz that I love.

The Frey Quintet at All Things New. These youngsters are great!

Pictures from Light to Night Festival 2019 – Bicentennial Edition here!

2020 Art Installations.

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Light to Night Festival 2019 – The Art Week Edition
Light projection and art installation pictures from Singapore’s Light to Night Festival 2019 – The Art Week Edition.


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