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Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions | Shinjuku Red Light District
Kabukicho. Tokyo’s somewhat notorious red light district. (Known to some of us also as … Kamurocho)

Exploring real-life popular Tokyo attractions featured in Persona 5.

Final part of my Persona 5 tourist in Tokyo series. This time, I “move out” from the Shibuya district to visit the various famous Tokyo attractions and districts featured in this wonderful game.

In advance, let me state that I didn’t visit everything. Itinerary mistakes and time constraints aside, I didn’t want to revisit Tokyo attractions I’ve already been to several times. (For example, Disneyland: Land of Giggly Two-Hour Queues)

Also, my P5 save files are not at all useful for this post! All the days I have saves on provided the same limited Tokyo locations! Thus, I have to resort to YouTube screengrabs. Call out here for YouTuber Fairy The Fool for his wonderful videos.

Screenshots copyright property of Atlus.

Persona 5 Tokyo Locations and Attractions Visit (Nov 2018)

Persona 5 Akihabara in Real Life
A back alley in Akihabara. With a maid café on the second floor!

This was the most convenient spot for me to visit as my hotel was at Suehirocho. Couldn’t exactly find a back alley that resembled the one in Persona 5, but well, most alleys had the same feel. (Incidentally, for whatever reason, there weren’t any surly young boy in the arcades)

Asakusa Shrine
Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions | Sensoji Nakamise Shopping Street
It was extremely crowded at the Nakamise shopping street when I visited. Notice how the gate signboard is the same as the one in the game.

Yeah, Asakusa Temple, the most famous and touristy Tokyo attraction. Of note, I would have visited Asakusa anyway, video game tourist or not. I make it a point to offer prayers at Sensoji whenever in Tokyo.

Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions | Ginza 4 Chome Junction
Glitzy Ginza certain looks like it would have many fanciful sushi restaurants serving superior fatty tuna, yes?

Bluntly put, I’m nowhere near wealthy enough to be able to afford high-class sushi in Ginza, nor do I like seafood to begin with. I did spend substantial time here, though, since one of the main outlets for Yamaha Electone scores is located here. (Plus, I play Shin Megami Tensei IV. So …)

Persona 5 Harajuku Takeshita Street in Real Life
Takeshita Street. The inspiration for P5’s … Takenoko Street

Ah, Harajuku. With its crepes and youth fashion and all that. Had an obligatory (Tiramisu) crepe here and while sipping coffee later, I thought, hmm, this area really feels “Ann Takamaki.” Even the manikins resemble her.

Takeshita Street Manikins
The reason why I thought of Ann.
A Persona 5 Tourist in Tokyo | Harajuku Takeshita Street Fashion Shop
There’s actually a “Takenoko” shop here, selling costumes quite worthy of use in Persona 5!
Ichigaya Fishing Pond
Persona 5 Fishing Pond in Real Life.
Was here in the morning and already, there were people working on their “Proficiency.”

Interestingly, this was my most important “must-go” Persona 5 Tokyo attraction when planning my itinerary. Which is weird given I have never, ever fished in my whole life. (Don’t intend to start too)


Notice too there’s a pretty prominent “No Photographs” sign . Made me wonder whether it’s due to other Persona 5 tourists annoying the customers? (If you’re wondering, I used a telescopic lens while standing quite far away. Am I in violation? Am I a rebel at heart? Hmm)

Meiji Shrine
Meiji Shrine Wooden Torii Entrance
The grand wooden torii entrance of Meiji Shrine in Tokyo.

Okay. Big mistake here. I forgot all Persona 5 Meiji Shrine scenes took place at the shrine itself, not at the famous entry wooden torii. And so I photographed the wrong thing. But oh well, it’s a substantial walk from the torii gate to the shrine, and my legs were worn out when I was there.

National Diet Building (Nagatagno in P5)
Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions | National Diet Building
Tokyo’s National Diet Building. By the way, this is also a wondrous fortress in Devil Survivor, another great Atlus game!

I got here a little too late, and so the fully darkened sky and the flood-lit tower was a photography contrast nightmare. Looking back, it was still fun in a silly way. I was continuously shuffling to and fro a pedestrian crossing in order to get a centred shot of the building. I was probably being eyed by security without me knowing.

Odaiba Kaininkoen
Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions | Odaiba-Kaihinkoen
Over the years, I have taken many pictures of Tokyo’s famous Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba Kaihinkoen. This one was shot in 2015.

Again, an easy location to visit for me because Odaiba is my one must-visit attraction when in Tokyo. I also had a great Tonkatsu dinner there this time, while gazing at Rainbow Bridge.

Incidentally, the Ferris wheel where you can romance various girls is right next to teamLab Borderless, located on the other side of Odaiba.

Shinjuku Red Light District
Persona 5 Red Light District
Kabukicho. Tokyo’s somewhat notorious red light district. (Also known to some of us also as … Kamurocho)

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t in Shinjuku Kabukicho because of Persona 5. I was there to snap photos for my upcoming Ryu ga Gotoku Kamurocho post. Anyhow, there’s no street there that closely resembles the one in P5 too. On the other hand, the neon sign, the billboards, the people, well, Persona 5 pretty much captured the feel of it all.

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Persona 5 Tokyo Attractions That I Didn’t Visit During This Trip

Let me start with the “Big-3” misses …

  1. Inokashira Park (Too Far!)
  2. The Kanda Church
  3. Jimbocho (Can you believe it?
    I’ve not been here even once despite over 10 trips to Tokyo)

As for the locations I skipped:

  1. Disneyland (Nope. I wasn’t in
    the mood for queues this trip)
  2. Tokyo SkyTree (Went in 2015. I
    still took a pic of it from Asakusa, though)
  3. Tokyo Dome (Was at the
    doorstep! Then I decided to head to Koishikawa Kōrakuen Garden instead)

Before I end this post and series, let me just say, you seriously need a lot of time and energy to visit all Persona 5 locations in Tokyo! It wasn’t that obvious to me when I was playing the game, but while preparing for the trip, I realised just how expansive P5 is.

And other than Tokyo, there are Yokohama and Miura locations too.

As far as video game tourism is concerned, I believe P5 will forever rank as one of the best titles ever.

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Tokyo Attractions: A Persona 5 Tourist in Tokyo 3
Final part of my Persona 5 tourist in Tokyo series. I spent the bulk of a weekday visiting popular Tokyo attractions featured in P5.

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