A Universal Christmas 2018

A Universal Christmas 2018
A Universal Christmas 2018

Pictures from my annual Christmas Eve excursion to A Universal Christmas 2018.

Yet another quick post; I have three in a row now. :)

This one is about my annual Christmas Eve solo excursion to Universal Studios Singapore. Since I’ve already written about this “ritual” twice, I’m just going to put up pictures and montages this round.

And oh, no fireworks video this time. :( I screwed up the focus during the filming. The entire 5 gb of 4K video I captured is blurry …

Arriving at USS at 5 pm

A Universal Christmas 2018 | Hollywood Boulevard
The Hollywood Boulevard at 5 pm. There were several Christmas themed photo backdrops here.
Christmas Minions
Minions! These rascals were everywhere!
KT's Grill Christmas Set Meal.
I was famished so I headed to KT’s Grill for dinner right away. The Christmas set was pretty good. The slow-braised beef cheek with mushroom ragout was absolutely tender and bursting with rustic flavours.

I should mention the KT Grill set meal was doubly good because my ticket came with $8 dining vouchers. That made the meal $37++ instead of $45++.

A Universal Christmas 2018 | Santa Claus
Came out from KT’s Grill just in time to see Santa doing his meet-and-greet.
Universal Christmas Singapore 2018
Marilyn was performing her song-and-dance too.

Did one full circuit of the park thereafter, queuing for rides here and there. Till it’s 7.45pm and …

A Universal Christmas, Universal Studios Singapore.
Santa’s Christmas Light-Up Party. This parade is one of the key highlights of A Universal Christmas 2018.
Universal Christmas Singapore
Santa again. Ever realise, the old fella is really, really hardworking.

After the parade, I had over an hour to kill before the fireworks. So I headed over to the Waterworld show. Now, I’ve seen this several times over the years, including the version at USJ, but this was the first time I watched the splashy performance in the evening.

Universal Studios Singapore Waterworld Show
Universal Studios Singapore Waterworld Performance, at night.

Ending the Evening

As mentioned earlier … I recorded the entire Christmas fireworks extravaganza, but screwed up the focus. Luckily, I had the sense to at least take a shot of late evening Universal Studios Singapore …

Universal Studios Singapore Evening.
Universal Studios Singapore at Night.
A Universal Christmas 2018 Montage.
More pictures of A Universal Christmas 2018 I didn’t manage to squeeze in elsewhere.

Merry Christmas 2018! May all your yuletide dreams come true.

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A Universal Christmas 2018
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A Universal Christmas 2018
A Universal Christmas 2018 pictures. This annual excursion of mine still delights and relaxes, and is a great way to spend Christmas Eve in Singapore.

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