Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 | Dec 22, 2018

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018
Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 | Main Entrance

Thrill seekers and plushie collectors have much to rejoice for at Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018.

Okay. Another quick post. This time about Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018, which started today at Bayfront Event Space.

I didn’t expect this to happen. Most people I spoke to didn’t as well; we all thought last year’s carnival was a one-off thing. (The lighter media coverage this year probably contributed to our impressions)

Regardless, it’s now ongoing at Bayfront Event Space, and though occupying a smaller area, there are more rides and a wider variety of carnival games.

About the smaller venue, I’d like to say this feels to me to be a sensible move, compared to having the carnival in two spots like last year. While the distance between last year’s venues wasn’t unmanageable, it was still a nuisance having to walk between them. Having everything in one spot also projected a more year-end festive feel.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 Carnival Game Booths

Carnival game booths were all over the fairground. With quite a variety of games and prizes too.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival Games
Disney, Minions, and Master Yoda prizes at this fish-a-prize challenge.
Disney Tsum Tsum carnival games.
Over at this bowling adventure, it’s Disney Tsum Tsum.
Minions Lobster Pot carnival game.
Lobster Pot?! Sounds crazy enough to befit those insane Minions.
Baseball challenge! I think the organizers of Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 deserve praise for variety and creativity as far as these game booths are concerned.

The Thrill Rides

There are more these year. All are adorned with gaudy and glitzy lights too. The good news is that there’s a good mix of scary and mild ones to cater to everybody.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 Star Flyer.
Star Flyer. The, er, star attraction from last year makes a reappearance.
Prudential Carnival Rides | Jumper Jumper
Jumper Jumper. This one looks tame but believe me, when those chairs start spinning, when you bob up and down crazily, it’s anything but tame.
Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 | Freak Out
This ride is called Freak Out and I think my pic is self-explanatory. Lots of people freaked out when things got insane.
Prudential Carnival 2018 Rides | Das Fun Schiff
The ever-popular Das Fun Schiff i.e. crazy pirate ship.
Festive Carnival in Singapore 2018
The lovely Wave Swinger. I caught it at a serene moment, by the way. It gets pretty insane when in full swing.
Prudential Carnival Kids Rides.
Kids and adults with weaker stomachs need not despair. There are several other milder, more tranquil rides.

I’m leaving out pictures of the Mach 5, the other super-star attraction of the carnival, because I’ve posted several of it last year, and because I didn’t have much of a chance to see it in action when I visited.

Possibly because the event is somewhat under the radar this year, there wasn’t much of a queue for it. When I was ready to photograph it after dark, it didn’t “spin” too. There wasn’t anyone going for it.

Which is the other thing I wish to highlight. The carnival wasn’t crowded at all when I visited. Getting food and onto rides was fast and easy. This is likely going to change within days, though. So if you dislike crowds, but would still like to join the fun, well, you know what I mean. You should head down to Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 ASAP.

Hipster Food

As expected, there’s a spacious dining area, with the usual selection of “hipster food.” Having skipped lunch, I had two main courses.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 Dining Area.
The sheltered dining area.
Loco Loco Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips by Loco Loco. This was a little too oily, to be honest.
Burgnerds Nerdy American Burger Set
Burgnerds Nerdy American Burger Set. The beef patty was a tad dry, but the serving was generous and the turkey bacon crisp.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 is ongoing till March 24, 2019.

Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 | The Scribbling Geek
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Prudential Marina Bay Carnival 2018 features more heart-stopping rides and a plethora of carnival games for those into collecting cute plushies.

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