ArtScience Museum Future World Exhibition | Dec 21, 2018

ArtScience Museum Future World.
Future World at ArtScience Museum Singapore.

A taste of teamLab magic at Future World, the ArtScience Museum’s new permanent exhibition.

Quick post.

Future World has opened at ArtScience Museum for over three weeks now and normally I wouldn’t consider doing a post about it.

However, with this exhibition being a collaboration between the ArtScience Museum and teamLab, and me having recently written about teamLab Borderless, I thought it’s might be fun to do a simple comparison. As in, how does Future World compare to Borderless? Is it the same deal? The same experience? Etc?

Should you skip Borderless in Tokyo after visiting this smaller exhibition?

Verdict, it’s largely the same experience. That is, in a limited way. But first, some pictures from my visit.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science

The exhibition is divided into 5 “narratives.” These being, Nature, Town, Sanctuary, Park, and Space.

teamlab at ArtScience Museum, Singapore.
The Nature narrative. This is described as “an immersive and mesmerizing journey” through nature, empowered by digital and interactive technology.
Future World at ArtScience Museum | Nature
Close-up of the main showpiece of the Nature showpiece. Smaller picture is of one of the animated artworks at the sides.
ArtScience Museum Singapore Future World
Sketch Christmas, the showpiece of the Town narrative. The attraction here is that you can colour you own sketches and scan them into the artwork. Your outrageous masterpiece will then appear on the animated screen.
Sketch Christmas by teamLab.
A broader view to give you a better idea of Sketch Christmas.
ArtScience Museum Interactive Games.
Interactive games in an alcove near the “Town.”
Future World at ArtScience Museum | Sanctuary
The, er, Sanctuary narrative. This, erm, creative mess is actually animated and quite enthralling to stare at. But it doesn’t turn out that great on camera.
ArtScience Museum Singapore.
The Park narrative of Future World. There are various games here for adults and kids alike. All for the purpose of depicting “play” as an integral aspect of human life.
Future World at ArtScience Museum | Space
The Space narrative. This is the finale and, of course, the most visually stunning part of Future World. (I.E., the most selfie perfect)

Future World vs teamLab Borderless

As I wrote earlier, I intended for this post to be a comparison of Future World with teamLab Borderless. This comparison is for:

  1. People who have already seen Borderless, and are wondering whether it’s worthwhile going to this smaller exhibition in Singapore.
  2. People who might not have the chance to visit Borderless any time soon, or other teamLab projects in Japan, and are wondering whether Future World is an apt substitute.

My conclusion is:

  • If you’re new to digital art and interactive displays, Future World will fascinate.
  • Kids will love the games. If they are into colouring, you can easily spend an hour with them here.
  • The above said, this is no Borderless. For that matter, I doubt it comes near Planets too. Not only is the overall exhibition area smaller, the visual impact of certain narratives is weaker. For example, the Nature narrative has (way) lesser dancing flowers than the one in Borderless.
  • To be fair, one should note that Future World costs like a third of the entry ticket for Borderless. Even lesser if you combine it with tickets for other ArtScience Museum exhibitions.
  • In summary, this is a good introduction for those new to teamLab’s stunning art. But if you’re already familiar, I doubt it would satisfy.

Future World is a permanent exhibition of the ArtScience Museum, with changing artworks to keep the exhibition fresh. For tickets, hours, etc, click here.


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ArtScience Museum Future World Exhibition
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ArtScience Museum Future World Exhibition
A taste of Japanese art collective teamLab’s cutting edge digital installations at Future World, Singapore’s ArtScience Museum’s first permanent exhibition.

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