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Flawed as it might be, Aquaman (2018 Film) is still the most enjoyable DCEU movie to date.

Aquaman (2018 Film) Review: 5 thumbs-up & 3 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | Aquaman (2018 Film)

Aquaman (2018 Film) Synopsis

A year after the events of Justice League, Arthur Curry a.k.a. Aquaman continues to harbour a grudge against Atlantis, the mythical underwater city that sentenced his mother to death for giving birth to him. When his half-brother Orm mobilises the denizens of the oceans for anall-out attack on humans, he reluctantly journeys to Atlantis with Xebel princess Mera to stop Orm, only to be miserably defeated. Arthur then realises his only chance at defeating Orm is to retrieve the mythical trident of Atlan, the act of which would establish him as Atlantis’ true king.

Snappy Review

I enjoyed Aquaman. It was, to me, the first truly fun DCEU movie to watch.

Oh, Wonder Woman was enjoyable. And looking back, Justice League wasn’t without its strengths too. The problem though, earlier DCEU movies were always saddled with a certain ostentatious grittiness. This direction didn’t make the movies more sophisticated. On the contrary, it made most of them borderline dreary.

Not so for Aquaman. Yes, the story is haphazard. Dialogue is often cringe-worthy too. And yet, that’s exactly what makes the movie fun because nothing is taken too seriously. The underwater visual extravaganzas aside, the movie exhibits a genuine swashbuckling feel, one that progressively sweeps you up in its joy.

Undeniably, this joy somewhat compromised the plot, resulting in the story feeling episodic and disconnected at times. But then, so what? It wasn’t as if the story became incoherent. And don’t we all watch superhero movies for such exuberance?

In addition, there is of course, Jason Momoa’s irresistible charisma. Now, I have to highlight I notice some limitations in his acting range. He doesn’t do romantic scenes so well.

Still, when presented correctly, such limitations make a fictional character more believable and endearing, yes? On this, perhaps I’d make more sense by saying Momoa’s biker dude Aquaman easily feels way more realistic when compared to a CGI-perfect, angsy Clark Kent. In many ways, he’s way more likeable too.


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