The Art of NAKED Inc. | Japanese Projection Mapping Specialist

Naked Inc | Japanese Projection Mapping Specialist
Naked Inc | Japanese Projection Mapping Specialist

The spectacular light art of NAKED Inc., Japanese Projection Mapping and Illumination specialist.

Other than TeamLab Borderless, which I’ve already posted about earlier, I attended two other fantastic projection mapping and light art exhibitions/shows during my November Japan trip.

Both were conceptualised by NAKED Inc., and took place in Nagoya and Kyoto respectively. To be quite honest, I wasn’t familiar with this Japanese design studio before these visits, although looking back, I realized I probably came across their works on the Internet before.

In short, NAKED Inc. describes itself as a designer of human experiences. Their specialty is the transformation of spaces using art, design, and technology.


Again, to be honest, I didn’t know about this projection mapping extravaganza till actually at Nagoya TV Tower. I was lumbering about the vicinity, taking shots for my (soon-to-come) Yakuza 5 post when I came across it.

Having greatly enjoyed FLOWERS (see below) a couple of days earlier, I decided right away to head in, even though I was quite exhausted from walking. The short of it, it was a rejuvenating experience. Though the actual projection mapping exhibition is quite small, the breezy concept it stood on delighted and refreshed.

Happening at the 90m Sky Deck of Nagoya TV Tower, City Light Fantasia – Anniversary by NAKED Inc. is the finale in a series of shows before restoration works on the tower begin in January 2019.
Divided into five thematic areas, there’s a story and a Little Prince alike protagonist, with all but one area involving him exploring the evening skies of Nagoya too. Magic, music, and enchantment follows wherever he goes. (Fishes in the sky, magical animals, the likes of)
Area 004. Can’t remember the name for this waterfall-like animation, sorry! I think it was Skyfall or something similar.
City Light Fantasy by Naked Inc.
The jubilant finale of Area 005: City Light Fantasy. Nagoya’s cityscape comes alive projection mappings of fireworks, fantasy lights, and glowing structures.

CITY LIGHT FANTASIA by NAKED ーANNIVERSARY is ongoing at Nagoya TV Tower till Jan 6, 2019. Hours are 1800 to 2200 (last entry at 2130), except for the final six days when the exhibition closes one hour earlier. Adult entry: 1000 yen. 15 and below (?) entry: 500 yen.

FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018 – Kyoto · Nijo Castle

Unlike City Light Fantasia ーAnniversary, this one I did intend to visit, having read about it while planning my itinerary. My summary of the visit:

  1. It’s great to be able to enter Nijo Castle after dark! Medieval monuments always feel different, and magical, after sunset.
  2. The outdoor illuminations, including the projection mapping on  Karamon Gate, felt somewhat … minimal. (Honest opinion). On the other hand, the illuminated Japanese gardens were spectacular.
  3. The indoor light art/sculpture section of FLOWERS was splendid. There weren’t a lot of works on display, but what’s there was fun, entertaining, and creative.
FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018 | Nijo Castle
The start of the projection mapping sequence on Karamon Gate.
Nijo Castle Karamon Gate Light Projection Show.
With animated and magical “flowers” all over the gate. Check out the full sequence here!

Unfortunately, right after photographing Karamon Gate, I was politely told by an usher that tripods weren’t allowed. This translates to me having few other decent outdoor shots. (Unless you wanna see ISO 51200 ones …) :(

Nijo Castle Night Event 2018.
Pond next to Ninomaru Garden. This would have looked great had I been able to use my tripod . . .
Nijo Castle Night Illumination 2018.
Okay. This one didn’t turn out too bad! I have a short video of this scene too!

As mentioned, I enjoyed NAKED INC.’s indoor displays at Nijo Castle most.

Nijo Castle FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018 Exhibition.
This one was entertaining. Light patterns on the petals respond to movement. The stigma releases fragrance too.
Ikebana at FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018.
Classic ikebana. With swirling light effects.
FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018 at Nijo Castle, Kyoto.
Paddy fields under the autumn full moon. They were so serene, the crowds instinctively went quiet on entering the display chamber.
Nijo Castle Sake Fair 2018.
Last but not least, the resting area. There was a sake fair going on.

FLOWERS BY NAKED 2018 ended on Dec 9, 2018.However, a spring version will take place in Tokyo, Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall, from Jan 29, 2019 to Mar 3, 2018. Details here at Naked Inc.’s website!

The Art of Naked Inc | Japanese Projection Mapping Specialist
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The Art of Naked Inc | Japanese Projection Mapping Specialist
Experiencing the spectacular projection mapping art of Japan’s NAKED Inc. at Nagoya TV Tower and Kyoto Nijo Castle.

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