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A quick evening visit to Persona 5: the Animation Café in Osaka.

This is a late post. Extremely late, to be precise.

This pop-up P5 fan event was near over when I visited. I went on the evening of Nov 11th, the last day was Nov 13th. Add to that my typical moping about for two weeks after returning home, before getting down to writing.

But … I’m not going to waste my images. J

To give some background information, Persona 5: the Animation Café was one of several pop-up cafés in Japan over the last few months. As the name states, it’s inspired by the animated series for Persona 5, not the PS4 game. There were also two cafes, one in Tokyo Akihabara and another one in Osaka Nihonbashi.

Right after the events I ranted about here and FINALLY reaching Osaka, I made a beeline for the Osaka outlet from Nankai Namba Station; thankfully the café was within walking distance. Quite frankly, the café was more than a little hard to locate. There were no signs or promotional posters. Heck, even the hosting venue didn’t have that much of a sign. I had to circle the building pinpointed by Google Maps several times, before knowing which lift to use.

Persona 5: the Animation Café (Osaka Outlet) Review
Entrance to the café.
Persona 5: the Animation Café (Osaka Outlet) Interior and Menu
View from my table, and the menu.
Persona 5: the Animation Café Menu
The actual menu items. Mostly Japanese-style western food (yoshoku) with a touch of Persona 5.
Persona 5: the Animation Café Wall decorations.
The wall décor behind me. You know, I didn’t realise/remember Destinyland appearing in other Shin Megami Tensei games till reading the P5 Wikia before writing this post.

Alright, here’s my first “mistake” for the evening. Because I had to gobble something after reaching Kansai Airport, and because I couldn’t resist buying snacks after reaching Namba Station, I was kinda … full when I stepped into the café. (Actually, I felt terribly bloated)

Thanks to that, I only ordered a drink and a dessert. The matcha latte I had is shown above. As for dessert, I had:

Persona 5: Ice Cream Crepe
An ice cream crepe. It has a really long and complicated name on the menu. (Was there something in the game about gaining weight and calories? I can’t remember!)
Persona 5: the Animation Characters
Merchandise along the wall beside the cashier. Limited selection, and I guess, mostly for Persona 5: the Animation rather than the game.
Persona 5: the Animation Coasters
Persona 5: the Animation Café coasters. See below for more info.

The coasters were my boo-boo. I completely forgot you get one randomly-picked coaster per order from the menu. I left mine at the table thinking they were plain-old disposable coasters, for the waitress left them facing down.

Luckily, the same waitress came scuttling before I left the floor. She must have been puzzled why I didn’t want the main attraction for ordering food.

Persona 5: the Animation Coasters and Yamaha Electone Stagea.
I got Ann and Futuba, Not my favourite confidants from P5, but the coasters still look great on my Electone Stagea. Please check out my P5 Electone playlist too!

I was a Persona 5 Tourist in Tokyo too!

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Persona 5: the Animation Café | Geeky Restaurant Adventures 12
Article Name
Persona 5: the Animation Café | Geeky Restaurant Adventures 12
An early evening visit to the Osaka “branch” of Persona 5: the Animation Café. This was a geeky highlight of my recent Japan autumn trip.
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