DesignEvo Review – Speedy Online Logo Maker for Folks Seeking a Branded Presence

DesignEvo Review
Screenshot of DesignEvo, a free custom logo maker available online.

DesignEvo is a great, easy-to-use WYSIWYG free online logo maker for those seeking a quick logo solution.

A week ago, I was invited to review DesignEvo, a web-based online logo maker. While I currently do not have any intention to do software reviews on this blog, I still thought, why not? Given my 20 years of experience in the graphic design industry? I felt I might be able to provide some relevant technical insights. Particularly in the area of commercial printing.

On Logos

Logos have long been a dicey area in the graphic design industry. If you’ve ever had any involvement with my previous trade, you’d have heard of corporations being billed hundreds of thousands of dollars for a “corporate identity” set i.e. a logo and its deployment on name cards, websites, etc.

At the other end of the spectrum, at the same time, are smaller design agencies, freelancers, and print-houses that bill no more than a hundred or so for a logo. The result of these differences is that folks unfamiliar with the trade often find themselves bewildered by the options in the market. What sounds like a simple job quickly turns into a massive, confusing project. Or vice versa.

DesignEvo, as far as I can see, resolves part of this issue by providing a quick logo solution for people without the budget to splurge, and without weeks and months to work with. This online custom logo maker is truly easy to use, a simple matter of pick and drop, and fine-tuning.

Operating on a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) basis, the bulk of the creative task does not venture beyond deciding which asset you want to use i.e. which font, icon, colour, etc, to choose.

Once done, the end-design can swiftly be downloaded in the most commonly used web and print formats. Regarding the downloading process, there are certain limitations involved. But for the moment, I wouldn’t jump the gun. I’ll touch on the creation process first.

DesignEvo Technical Requirements & Details

  • Devices Supported: Windows, Mac, Web-based
  • Language: English
  • Deployment: Cloud Hosted

DesignEvo Logo Creation Process

As mentioned, this online custom logo maker operates on a pick-and-drop basis. Creating a logo is a matter of steps, all involving the selection of something.

Step 1

Click Create at the top right corner of the screen. Or click Make a Free Logo at the middle of the screen.

Step 2

DesignEvo logo templates


Select a template. DesignEvo conveniently categorizes all its templates to facilitate decision making. Once you have decided on the template, just click your choice and the system will prompt you to type in your logo name and slogan.

Step 3

DesignEvo Logo Maker.

This step involves four decisions, all of which involve customisation of colours, text, shapes, etc.

What’s important to note is that all “elements” on the artboard can easily be shifted, nudged, deleted, resized, or rotated. To add something new, you also only need to choose the correct category, then click on the new element you have decided on. This pick-and-drop, WYSIWYG functionality is, in my opinion, the greatest strength of DesignEvo.

PS: To change an existing icon in use, highlight it, and click on the new icon desired. With some careful selection of colours and resizing, you can even merge icons.

Step 4

DesignEvo Prices.

To download the soft files for your finished logo, simply click the prominent Download button at the top right corner of the screen. The system would then prompt you to make a one-time payment for your design if you are seeking the high-resolution files necessary for printing.

DesignEvo Plus Points

The strengths of this online custom logo maker are obvious.

  • Truly easy to use. Even for people with no design software background.
  • A vast selection of templates. Easy to pick. Offers a lot of inspiration too.
  • A vast selection of icons, fonts, etc. These are conveniently grouped into categories for easy selection.
  • Relatively extensive editing abilities. That is, for folks with no design software experience. There are even functions like grid guides, artboard resizing, orientation change, etc.
  • The Plus package offers downloads in .jpg, .png, and .svg formats. These pretty much cover the formats needed for most forms of web design and commercial printing.


  • There doesn’t seem to be any function to import one’s own icon. This might be an issue for users keen on using their own illustrations, emblems, etc.
  • There is no drawing functionality. (For me, this isn’t an issue. I don’t expect a web-based logo maker like DesignEvo to have illustration capabilities)
  • You need to pay for the Basic or Plus package in order to download the high-res files i.e. files necessary for professional printing.
  • Downloaded files are not editable unless you have software like Adobe Photoshop. (And it’s tedious even if you do have PS) In graphic design technical terms, the downloadable files are the FA versions, not the raw files.
  • As recent as 2010, the difference between spot and process colours is still a major concern of professional printing, particularly when corporate materials are involved. The files provided by DesignEvo are only suitable for process, full-colour In other words, if you are looking for Pantone colour codes, 2-colour printing, etc, this is not going to work for you.

At this point, allow me to highlight that there is no such thing as a perfect software.

No software in the world would ever come near to being perfect too. It’s thus important to know whom a software is meant for.

In the case of DesignEvo, it’s obvious the platform is meant for folks with no professional graphic design skills. Also, those seeing a quick and affordable logo solution.

DesignEvo Review Summary

I would rate DesignEvo an 8 out of 10.

The platform is simply fantastic for anyone with the need to quickly create a logo.

While downloading the high-res, print-suitable files require payment that might cost more than hiring a freelance designer, you are in full control of the design process. Believe me when I say the to-and-fro, the “ding-dong” when working with a third-party designer can often take months. On top of piling up costs.

As for why I didn’t give full marks, it’s mainly because of the inability to import one’s own artwork. The ability to do so would complicated the design process, but it would have still been a great function to have. Perhaps later editions of DesignEvo would incorporate this.

Have a try today!

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