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Disney Magical Moments | Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2018

Disney Magical Moments Singapore
Disney Magical Moments | Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2018

Disney Magical Moments is Orchard Road’s first branded Christmas Light-Up. The first-ever in the 35-year history of the year-end celebration.

Alright, I’m slow in putting this up, going by my previous posting schedule for the Christmas festivities. That’s because I was away for near a fortnight. I’ll be putting up posts regarding that trip soon. 🙂

Coming back to Disney Magical Moments, as is already well-known, this is the first time the annual Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up is branded, or should I say, themed around a specific identity.

To be quite, quite honest, I looked forward to this light-up since reading the announcement, but ended somewhat underwhelmed. Before I get to that, allow me to share some pictures I took last night.

To highlight, no matter how I felt about this year’s decorations, most other shoppers and visitors didn’t seem to share my sentiments. The entire Orchard Road stretch was full of locals and tourists enthusiastically snapping selfies.

Disney Magical Moments: A Singapore Christmas Themed Around Mickey Mouse and Gang

As usual, I started my evening at the Orchard Road, Scotts Road junction. I began at around 6.45 pm, and took about an hour to reach the end of the decorated stretch i.e. Plaza Singapura.

Guide map for Disney Magical Moments. The light-up is divided into 4 zones, beginning at Tanglin Mall and ending at Plaza Singapura. Each zone is also themed after a well-known Disney concept. (And colour-coded too.)
Cinderella at Wheelock Place. She’s one of several Disney Princesses featured in that zone.
The Little Mermaid set piece. Over at Shaw House.
Pink to represent the Disney Princesses that have enchanted the world for near a century.
I don’t think Cartier’s display for this year, at Ion Orchard, is part of Disney Magical Moments. But the Ferris wheel complements the Disney sets in a carnival way and is a refreshing difference from the usual giant Christmas tree at Ion.
Photo-booths featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy dot the pedestrian walkway of the Mickey Mouse & Friends zone.
Montage of the attractions at this year’s The Great Christmas Village @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. This was a little sparse on stalls, but it had several rides and a lovely double-deck carousel.
Anna and Olaf of Frozen fame. They are outside Orchard Central.
Crazy Sven! Also at Orchard Central. He’s my favourite display of this year’s Christmas festive light-up.
Orange street lights at the Toy Story zone.

A Little … Underwhelming?

Maybe my expectations were too high. While the decorations and lights weren’t unattractive, I thought Disney Magical Moments was rather sparse and dry.

This has a lot to do with the malls flanking Orchard Road. Most seemed to have left the “bulk” of the decoration job to Disney, and thus only placed up minimal decorations.

Not to mention, none of these mall decorations featured Disney characters or themes. You don’t feel like you’re in a Disney world once you’re away from the roadside photo booths – this being a matter of steps. In other words, the festive “illusion” quickly disappears.

And as much as I hate to agree with them, it’s true, there just isn’t a lot of Christmas spirit about, secular or religious. Mickey and friends, and the famous movies are all fine, but in essence, they don’t exactly represent Christmas. It’s just odd to see so few Santas, or elves, or any of the icons people typically associate with Christmas.

But, this is supposedly the first of a three-year partnership. Perhaps the organisers need some experience before they get the hang of it. Hopefully, next year’s Orchard Road Christmas lights would be more festive. More Christmas-y too.

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Disney Magical Moments | Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2018
Mickey, Donald, and the usual Disney gang adorn Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2018, aptly branded as Disney Magical Moments.


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