2018 Yamaha Electone Arrangement 2: Halloween Theme Main Title | Oct 31, 2018

Yamaha Electone Performance - Halloween Theme
Free Electone score and registration for the one of the most famous tunes in the horror movie industry. John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme.

What better music to celebrate Halloween than John Carpenter’s unforgettable Halloween Theme Main Title?

I’m sure you can guess. I’m arranging this because I was that satisfied with the new Halloween movie.

Days after watching, I was still haunted by the signature tune on top of suffering from a strange fascination with Michael Myers i.e. The Shape. On checking YouTube, I discovered, hmm, nobody has performed the Halloween Theme on the Electone Stagea. A little surprising, I have to say, since Electone players, in general, have a great fondness for movie soundtracks.

Anyway, down to work for me. Incidentally, I wanted to see whether I could complete this in two days. I succeeded, I think. J

About the theme, this is one of those deceptively simple compositions. The motifs are easy to play. Phrasing and expression, on the other hand, are great challenges.

Not to mention, the repetitions. It’s hardcore finger exercises, trust me. To the extent it flared up my old hand tendon injury.

Needless to say, maintaining a consistent stalky feel is also crucial and the hardest. (You might have to imagine yourself as Michael) If you listen to my recording, you can hear me, erm, faltering at parts. I apologise for this. It’s the best I could do without risking a visit to the doctor.

Free Electone Score & Registration Data  for Halloween Theme Main Title

Warning! The registration data and Finale PrintMusic files are zip files! You might need to disable your virus/malware protection before downloading.

Electone Score

Registration Data for Stagea ELS-02C


Finale PrintMusic 2010 file

Arrangement Notes

  1. This Electone score follows the sequence of Carpenter’s original 1978 composition, officially named as Halloween Theme Main Title on the soundtrack. On the net, it goes by a myriad of names. From Halloween Theme to Michael Myers’ Theme, to Halloween Movie Song, etc. (Incidentally, I didn’t know he’s an accomplished musician and composer!)
  2. This is also the first time I’m “seriously” playing a 5/4 score in, gosh, years! A lot of focus not to revert to 4/4 time!
  3. Outside of the signature super-reverb-damper drenched piano sound, I’m using a mixture of synths and orchestra sounds. I didn’t want the arrangement to entirely sound 70s/80s.
  4. Not including arc-arc i.e. expression arcs in this one. I think the phrases are obvious.
  5. The drums consist of only two sounds. An open triangle and a soft kick bass. These can easily be changed. I’m sure you can figure out which beats they land on too.
  6. I briefly toyed with the idea of including creepy footsteps, breathing effects, etc, in the climax. In the end, I couldn’t find anything suitable in the Stagea’s SFX selections.
  7. I included accent marks for some notes in the score. To be completely honest, I’m not sure whether this is right. Some scores do the same, others don’t. I leave it to your preference.
  8. As this Electone arrangement uses minimal bass, it is suitable for kids who have yet to reach the height necessary to play a full Electone. I … wouldn’t really recommend this, though, given what the Halloween Theme is about. It’s especially unsuitable for six-year-old boys with sexy older sisters …

Full List of Downloadable Electone Scores and Stagea ELS-02C Registrations. ( English / 中文 / 日本語 )

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John Carpenter's Halloween Theme | Free Electone Score
Article Name
John Carpenter's Halloween Theme | Free Electone Score
Electone score and registration data for one of the most famous tunes in the horror movie genre. John Carpenter’s Halloween Theme.

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