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Hungry Heroes | Superhero-themed restaurant in Singapore.
Hungry Heroes | Superhero-themed restaurant in Singapore.

Birthday celebration at quirky Hungry Heroes.

(Regrettably, Hungry Heroes has closed as of 2019)

Let me, ahh, begin with a short grandfather story. When I first started this sub-category about geeky i.e. themed restaurant visits, Hungry Heroes was one of the first names that came to mind. I mean, it’s an American comics superhero-themed eatery. Said to be the first in Singapore as well. What’s more suitable for my new category?

Well, iro iro atta (various things happened), as they like to say in Anime. I just never got down to checking out Hungry Heroes, not even when I was hanging about the nearby temples taking shots for one of my Singapore travel write-ups.

And so when my three closest friends invited me to pick a place for my, you know, yearly B-Day thingy, I thought there’s no better opportunity to finally head over. Hey, it was a great decision! We had an enjoyable and tasty evening surrounded by DC and Marvel’s finest.

Hungry Heroes Décor

Hungry Heroes Wall Decorations.
Superhero collectibles were positively everywhere. The owner must have spent a fortune on these.
Hungry Heroes Lower Level Wall Decorations
Lots of superhero posters too. By the way, that’s my favourite Netflix superhero drama right in the middle of the picture.
Hungry Heroes Table Covers
Everything is meticulously themed! Down to the table covers.
Batman at Hungry Heroes, a superhero-themed restaurant in Singapore.
The Dark Knight watches over the upper level. Another birthday gathering was happening here during my visit.
Hungry Heroes Review
A broader view of the upper level. Check out that outrageous figurine chandelier!

Our Dinner

With most of my group being small eaters, we decided to order the “Nice to Meet You” sharing platter. This consisted of pulled pork, half a rack of pork ribs, a deboned chicken leg, sirloin, and fries.

Hungry Heroes Nice to Meet You Sharing Platter
For me, the pulled pork was the best item on the platter. My friends, on the other hand, thought the chicken leg looked a bit raw. (But it actually tasted quite okay)
Hungry Heroes Munchers
We had Mac. & Cheese, and Jalapeno Poppers as sides too.
Hungry Heroes Chocolate Lava Cake.
‘Right, this was a little embarrassing. :P My friends got the staff to write Happy Birthday on the Chocolate Lava Cake we ordered. When they, erm, sang, the other diners in the restaurant actually joined in.
Hungry Heroes Birthday Postcard.
A lovely birthday souvenir from the staff!

Hungry Heroes is at 33 Tessensohn Rd, Singapore 217656. Check here for more details!

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Hungry Heroes | Superhero-themed restaurant in Singapore.
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