Home Diary Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018 | Oct 11, 2018

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018 | Oct 11, 2018

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018
Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018

2018 is incidentally, the 30th Anniversary of Singapore’s Little India Deepavali Light-Up.

‘Right, wanted to do this post since last week, but just couldn’t get down to it no thanks to daily afternoon rain and, erm, laziness.

Finally decided the showers aren’t going to go away anytime soon and headed over to Little India on Thursday. (Goodness, is there nowadays an October autumn shower front in Singapore!?)

Like 2017, this year’s illuminations are largely focused around the southern end of Serangoon Road i.e. the Tekka Centre area. Probably because there is still almost a month to Deepavali, the festive markets were also quite uncrowded when I visited. I enjoyed strolling through them much more this round.

Graceful peacock guardian at the start of this year’s Deepavali festive light-up.
The other peacock guardian at the Rochor Canal Road/Serangoon Road junction. With a close-up of the peacock’s flamboyant feathers.
The grand archway of Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018.
Portrait view of the lovely oil lamp showpiece near the archway.

Little India Deepavali Festive Market 2018

Like I mentioned earlier, the festive market i.e. bazaar was pretty uncrowded during my visit. This allowed me to examine the many colourful and exotic  products at leisure.

Freshly made garlands. These smelt wonderful.
More garlands! These are taller than me!
An absolute forest of exotic decorations.
Ready-made Rangoli designs?
Over at the always vibrant Tekka Centre, saree capital of Singapore.

By the way, if you’re able to visit before 7pm, the Indian Heritage Centre at Campbell Lane has quite a rich offering of exhibits and activities. Don’t miss it!

Race Course Road Festive Light-Up

Very heavy traffic under the festive lights, as you can see. (It was around 8pm)
Close-up of the Race Course Road illumination motif to end this post.

Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018 is ongoing till Nov 25, 2018, with the Festival of Lights itself to be celebrated on Nov 6, 2018.

From now till Nov 6, there are also various festive activities such as storytelling sessions, cultural performances, and the chance to experience traditional Indian games.

Little India Deepavali Festive Light-Up 2019

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Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018
Stately peacocks are the main motifs for Little India Deepavali Light-Up 2018, one of the most exotic festive celebrations in Singapore.


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