CMYK Event @ Bayfront Event Space | Sep 21, 2018

CMYK Event Singapore 2018
The latest Thai-style flea market to hit Singapore, CMYK Event features over 100 booths and loads of hipster food for the whole family to go gaga over.

Food art, lifestyle shopping, live performances, and selfie fun at Singapore first CMYK Event.

Thai-style flea markets with a wide selection of hipster food is all the craze nowadays, and the latest to hit Singapore is CMYK Event by 100 Plus Organizer.

To recap what I previously wrote in a promotion post, CMYK stands for “Creative Millennials Youth Karnival”and is an opportunity for local and international enterprises to connect via a platform built on arts and fun. (For shoppers and diners, that means the opportunity for great food, fun, and live entertainment)

Having been trapped indoors for a few days no thanks to incessant rain, I’ve been looking forward to heading down for a look-see. Here are some early evening pictures I took. As you’d also see, the vast Bayfront Event Space affords plenty of room for everyone. It was very pleasant strolling about in the evening cool.

CMYK Event Flea Market Singapore.
CMYK Event is a lifestyle shopping opportunity with the towering skyscrapers of Marina Bay as backdrop.

Tysabellaa Dreamcatchers
Huge dreamcatchers for sale by Tysabella.

Footickle Socks at CMYK Event Singapore
Adorable socks by Footickle.

T&T Friends Designs
Original handicrafts made from environmentally friendly materials by T&T Friends, a Hong Kong designer.

Oo La Lab Scents CMYK Event Singapore
Okay, this excited the aspiring alchemist in me. Create your own fragrance with all sorts of exotic essences? Great concept by Oo La Lab!


Outside of this event, the term “CMYK” is very, very familiar to me.

It stands for “Cyan Magenta Yellow (&) Black,” and is the requisite colour mode still used for offset printing.

To share, when I initially heard about CYMK Event, I actually thought it was a printing technology exhibition, or a graphic designers’ get-together. Only later did I realise the organizers adopted the term to represent shades of design, or lifestyle colours, and so on.

There are still references, though, to the original meaning throughout the event, in the form of quirky photo booths and backdrops. Among these, the most eye-catching ones are undoubtedly the monochromatic booths. As long as you’re wearing the right contrasting colour, you will really, really stand out in these unique setups.

(Regrettably, I was in my usual dreary mix of grey and off-everything, and so I couldn’t have a go. I got more than a little jealous watching squealing kids have fun.)

CMYK Event Photo Booth
The Orange Booth.

CMYK Event Selfie Backdrops
Some of the other photogenic backdrops scattered around the heart of CMYK Event.

Hipster Food Galore! And a Breezy Beer Garden

On the official webpage, 100 Plus Organizer promises “ultimate food art” at CMYK Event, with a huge selection of delectable goodies to choose from. This is indeed so! On top of two dedicated eating i.e. feasting areas, numerous food booths are scattered about the event space. There’s also an atmospheric and pretty selfie-perfect elevated beer garden near the event stage.

Bayfront Event Space Food Fair.
Food booths at the fringe area nearer to Marina Bay Sands.

CMYK Event Singapore Dining Area
One of the dining areas. This gets even more atmospheric, and night-market like, after the sky turns completely dark.

CMYK Event Singapore Hipster Food.
Food adventure!

Azalea Thai Sweet Treats Pork Skewers
“Moo Ping” Pork Skewers by Azalea Sweet Treats. These were tender and flavourful. Very yummy.

Takefries at CMYK Event, Singapore
Cigarette fries!? (USA Class A leh) Quirky concept by Takefries. Long queue too, even though they were a little pricey.

Hipster Food at CMYK Event, Singapore
Top row: Raclette Potatoes by Café 69 & Triple D CupThai Ice Tea by T.I.T. Lower row: Spicy Tom Yum Soup and Sticky Rice Mango Dessert by Megan’s Kitchen.

Island Surfer Food Truck at CMYK Event, Singapore
Food truck by Island Surfer. This is near the main stage.

CMYK Event Singha Beer Garden
The selfie-perfect beer garden I mentioned. Courtesy of Singha Beer.

CMYK Event is ongoing at Bayfront Event Space till Sept 23, 2018. Check the Event Homepage for more details!

Saiko Butter Brew
Saiko Non-Alcoholic Butter Brew. This tastes quite like the butter beer sold at USJ’s World of Harry Potter!

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CMYK Event @ Bayfront Event Space
Article Name
CMYK Event @ Bayfront Event Space
The latest lifestyle flea market to hit Singapore, CMYK Event features a huge selection of booths and loads of hipster food for everyone to go gaga over.

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