Singapore Night Festival 2018 – Programmes | Aug 24, 2018

Singapore Night Festival 2018 Programmes
Singapore Night Festival 2018 Programmes

Selection of pictures from this weekend’s Singapore Night Festival 2018 programmes and performances.

Quick pictorial post. Headed down to the festive area again to check out the programmes and performances scheduled for this weekend. Here are my pictures!

Eat @ Festive Village (SMU Campus Green)

Compared to last year, the setup at SMU Campus Green this round was much more organised.

There’s a barricade around the entire area, with specific entry and exit points. Most of the stalls, as the programme name states, are also food stalls. Hipster food stalls, to be specific.

As I have already eaten dinner, I cruised through the area pretty quickly. Midway though, I succumbed to temptation and bought an ice cream, though.

* Photographers, take note. There are security checks at the entry points, with signs explicitly forbidding tripods.

Eat @ Festive Village | Singapore Night Festival 2018
Eat @ Festive Village at 630 pm.
Eat @ Festive Village Hipster Food Stall.
Like I mentioned, it’s all hipster food. (Well, it is a “young” place)
Festive Village Stage | Singapore Night Festival 2018
The wonderful Miss Lou performing on the Festive Village Stage.
The Wicked Cream Soft Serve Ice Cream.
Passion Fruit Soft Serve Ice Cream by The Wicked Cream. The passionate personality I am, I cannot resist anything made from passion fruit. (Check out their #WickedMallows on their site!)

The Lost World of Terranova (The Gem Museum)

I had no idea there’s a mini-museum about gems and minerals at Queen Street. While small, the museum houses quite a detailed introduction to the subject. There is also a good amount of merchandise on sale.

The Gem Museum Singapore
Mystical Meteo. In Anime/Games/Marvel Comics, this WILL transform you into a superhero.

By the way, the “A Pole Art Showcase” pole dancing programme was right next to the museum. I gave it a miss because the queue was long. Really long. (I had no idea so many Singaporeans are into pole dancing?!?)

Singapore Art Museum

After watching Odyssey, again, I ventured into the courtyard where a series of Singapore Night Festival 2018 programmes were scheduled.

Planet K Interactive Art Stations
Planet K Interactive Art Stations. This was a series of activities inspired by Frank Herbert’s Dune. (My colour’s a little bit off here. The courtyard was illuminated in orange-purple to mimic the dusty desert skies of Arrakis)
Planet K Interactive Art Stations | Singapore Night Festival 2018
One of the interactive art stations.
Singapore Art Museum Movie Screening.
Movie screening at the Waterloo Courtyard. Can you guess what this classic movie is?
Redeafination Dance Performance during Singapore Night Festival 2018
Dance performance in the Glass Hall by Redeafination, an independent hip hop dance group for the deaf. (Food for thought: They were in sync with the music throughout. How does one accomplish that without hearing the music?)
SMU Funk Movement Performance at Singapore Art Museum.
Really spirited performance by SMU Funk Movement. This dance consisted of several movements.


Automatarium by David Berga

This was my absolute, absolute favourite Singapore Night Festival 2018 programme!

The “automations” were hilarious. They were wickedly macabre too. Best of all, every single one was so wonderfully spontaneous, reacting on the spot to the delighted children surrounding the booths. I’m returning to the art museum tomorrow night just to watch them again.

Automatarium by David Berga | Singapore Night Festival 2018
Gypsy fortune-teller. She just picked a death tarot for a poor visitor!
Automatarium by David Berga at Singapore Night Festival 2018.
Another automation, a magician/ringmaster of sorts. (A terrible one too, LOL). Incidentally, all automations are in vintage fairground cabinets. You know, like the one in the Tom Hanks movie, Big? That added a lot to the macabre feel.

Backyard Sessions @ Armenian

Caught another performance by SMU students here. (Nearly all Singapore Night Festival 2018 programmes are happening within or around their campus, after all) These young ones are truly bursting with zest and energy.

SMU Eurhythmix.
Summer Lovin’ by SMU Eurhythmix.

Sing’Theatre Souvenir Promotion (Peranakan Museum)

Sing’Theatre did a short promotion here for their upcoming play, Souvenir, a story about the legendary Florence Foster Jenkin. Florence herself was supposed to sing but she ultimately didn’t turn up, which I guess had to be a good thing.

In replacement, the lovely Carmen performed a mix of operatic and modern pieces. Let me just say, the Rasa Sayang group-singing finale was truly exuberant and enjoyable.

Hello Miss Lou (Singapore Philatelic Museum)

Ended my evening with half an hour of splendid jazzy serenading by Miss Lou, Daniel Chia, and Joe Chua. Check out their performance of Sway below! This was the second song.

See that Little Prince background behind the trio? Read more about it here!

Head on down to the Arts and Heritage District to check out these and other Singapore Night Festival 2018 programmes! The festival ends on Aug 25 i.e. one more evening left!

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Singapore Night Festival 2018 – Programmes
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Singapore Night Festival 2018 – Programmes
Singapore Night Festival 2018 programmes. Headed down to the festive area again to check out this weekend’s colourful shows and performances.


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