Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City – Aug 2, 2018

Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City.
Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City.

Snapshots from the very first Mickey Go Local Campaign at Raffles City.

Do you like Mickey Mouse? Or have you been affected by recent-years revelations of Disney business practices and their … Star Wars movies, and think Mickey is the epitome of wickedness?


Well, I still like Mickey. Have always adored him and would probably continue to grin at the sight of his ears for a good many years to come, regardless of how the Star Wars movies go.

If you feel the same as me, and happen to be in Singapore this month, then oh joy, you have the Mickey Go Local Campaign at Raffles City to enjoy. Happening alongside the 53rd Singapore National Day celebrations, this mini-exhibition features some 90 Mickey Mouse figurines, all painted i.e. customised by Singaporean celebrities and public figures.

As for the overall theme, it’s the question of “what it means to be Singaporean.” The short of it, it was quite refreshing to see a variety of local aspirations so creatively expressed. I should mention too that nostalgia is prominently expressed in many designs.

Mickey Mouse Exhibition in Singapore
Studious Mickey. That red tie reminds me of what I used to wear in kindergarten. (Yeah, I was a PAP kindergarten kid)
Mickey Go Local Raffles City
I like this one! For those unfamiliar with Singaporean snacks, this design is inspired by local kueh kueh. (The nose is ondeh-ondeh)
Smart Nation Mickey. This one could actually be sold worldwide as a souvenir, if you ask me.
SAF Mickey Mouse
SG National Service Mickey. Hmm … (I used to have a campmate with Mickey Mouse ears and lots of eye-power)

By the way, the Mickey Go Local Campaign is part of the celebrations for Mickey’s 90th birthday. He first appeared in a short film on Nov 18, 1928.

In conjunction with the exhibition, CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF) will also be donating up to SGD 300,000 to the President’s Challenge 2018. The public is invited to pitch in by uploading photographs of the exhibition to Instagram with hashtags #RCSArtsintheCityPC, #Mickey90, #MickeyGoLocal, #CapitaLand, and #CHFPC. CHF will correspondingly donate 10 bucks to the President’s Challenge for each hashtag.

Mickey Mouse Go Local Singapore
Ticket saman uncle Mickey?!? Yeeks!
This design might feel a little too baroque to some visitors. But I thought it was classy.
Mickey Mouse Singapore
Zi Char Helper Mickey, LOL. He’d cook some really nice Hokkien Mee for you.
Mickey Mouse Exhibition at Raffles City, Singapore
Quite a few designs featured well-known Singlish/local catchphases.
Contractor uncle Mickey?!? Nah, it’s actually a film camera holding design by actress Eunice Olsen. For some reason, the camera’s lying down.
Mickey Go Local Singapore Merchandise
This being in a shopping mall, there was of course a merchandise section.
A photo/selfie spot too.

Mickey Go Local Campaign is at Raffles City till Aug 29, 2017. Get take a look, snap some pictures, and upload them with those charity hashtags!

Minnie Mouse Oriental Design
It’s not all about Mickey. Minnie Niang Niang makes an appearance too!
Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City
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Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City
Mickey Go Local Campaign @ Raffles City pictures. Other than an international icon, Mickey is now a SAF soldier and a summons uncle too!

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