Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes | Jul 10, 2018

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition
The Hulk at Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition.

Reliving MCU epic moments with Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes.

Described as a highly immersive 10th-anniversary celebration of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies, this temporary exhibition at the ArtScience Museum promises visitors and fans the opportunity to experience the world of Marvel Super Heroes up close. (It’s probably also intended as a precursor for Endgame)

The MCU lover I am, I wanted to visit on opening week, but ultimately decided I’d avoid the worst of the local Chitauri swarms by heading over later. (I.E. June school holiday crowds)

Turns out to be the right decision. While not exactly empty, the weekday afternoon crowd was quiet enough for me to be able to take my time photographing the displays and trying the mini-games. I even managed to “do” two rounds of the various “chambers” without having to queue for anything.

Layout of the Exhibition

Entrance to Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years. Note how “studios” is stylized as “stud10s” (Which doesn’t read that well in lower-caps, and seems to be a reference to Capt A’s biceps! Maybe it’s an intended joke)
MCU movies timeline.
Welcome display. Useful synopsis of all MCU episodes so far, if you’re new to the franchise.

As indicated on its micro-site, the exhibition consists of a series of thematic rooms introducing the main heroes of the MCU movies. The sequence more or less follows the timeline of the movies, with Stark being the first featured and Ant-Man the final one.

To befit the nature of the venue i.e. the ArtScience Museum, there are also several science and art related displays introducing the technologies that inspired the movies. Most visitors, including me, didn’t seem that keen on the educational displays, though. Everybody’s attention was on the heroes.

Legendary MCU Heroes

ArtScience Museum Marvel Exhibition.
Iron Man! Is he the informal leader of the Avengers? Is that why he gets the largest model?
Captain America at Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition.
Everybody’s favourite Capt.

Side note on Captain America. After watching Ant-Man and the Wasp, I noticed good guys in the MCU movies always have a certain pride in knowing Steve, and to have called him “Capt.” Whereas the women regard him as just another dude. Interesting, isn’t it?

Thor and Hulk Sakaar Fight.
The Sakaar arena scene from Thor: Ragnarok. This is my favourite display in the exhibition.
ArtScience Museum Baby Groot Game.
Baby Groot interactive game! Yeh! You stand in front of the screen, and after the motion detector successfully marks you, you dance to fill up the metre and achieve YOU ARE GROOT!
Marvel Studios Heroes
Doctor Strange and Black Panther at Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition.
Infinity Gauntlet at Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition.
The Infinity Gauntlet. Next to this was a useful display on how you could assemble YOUR OWN infinity stones using Earth minerals like Amethysts and Quartz.

Video Presentation and MCU Merchandise

The final room contains a brief cinematic summary of the movies. Unfortunately, this was somewhat dull as the montage was little more than a sequence of clips long available on YouTube.

Neither was the audio that great, for that matter. Personally, I thought it would have been better had the presentation been unique. As in specially filmed for Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes Exhibition.
Prologue to the presentation.
Iron Man and Captain America Collectibles.
Final segment of the exhibition. Retail shop! This had a variety of merchandise ranging from toys to apparel, to collector models.

What’s Missing From Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes?

These aren’t the fault of the exhibition since promotion materials clearly state what’s on show. But I thought I ought to highlight them for the sake of those who might be disappointed.

  1. It’s indeed all about heroes; as in, the MAIN heroes. Missing are minor heroes i.e. those poor things with no movies of their own like Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, etc. Other than Thanos, no villains were featured too. (Sorry, Loki fans)
  2. Conspicuously missing is … Spidey! I have no idea as to why Spiderman, one of the most enduring and popular Marvel superhero, was not given his own space.
  3. There’s no food on sale, LOL. Would have been nice to have a café with themed dishes, like what Japanese exhibitions do. But that’s just me asking for too much.

Update 2021: Pertaining to (1), seems like the heroes/villains missing are the ones making it to Disney Plus as part of Phase 4.

Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes is ongoing till September 30, 2018.
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Marvel Studios 10 Years Photo.
Marvel Stud10s: The First 10 Years.
Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes
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Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes
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