High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures

We live in a world where technology is ubiquitous and is making our lives easier. So, it is only natural to see a myriad of technological advancements making their way into our kitchens and bathrooms. Plumbing works are typically something that we only tend to pay attention to when something breaks down or when there’s a flood. But do you know that there are several high tech plumbing appliances and fixtures that you can choose from to upgrade your plumbing works and the value of your home? We look at some of these in this article.

1. Touch-Free Plumbing

Perhaps the most obvious one in the list, touch-free plumbing has been around for some time, especially on public toilets. Automatic water taps and automatic toilet flushing can make our lives easier and they definitely are more sanitary than regular flushing methods, especially in commercial buildings such as shopping malls. Hands-free fixtures can also be a popular choice among parents who want to make it easier (and more interesting) for the little ones to wash their hands. Entrepreneurs who are starting a company in Singapore and are planning to upgrade their corporate toilets can also consider this option.

2. A Waterproof TV

Waterproof TVs are designed to be accessible anywhere. Yes, even in your bathroom if you do decide to watch your favorite Netflix show while you shower. They have a modern design and bring technology into a room where it was not typically found before: the bathroom. Skeptical individuals may tend to say that the bathroom is the last place where we would need a TV, but who are we to judge one’s personal taste? For those who prefer to use a TV in a humid and wet environment, these appliances can also be installed in a spa.

3. LED Lighting for Your Toilet

A motion-activated LED toilet light sensor can turn your toilet into an eerie glowing one but they are also designed to save energy as they have motion sensors that will turn on and switch off as soon as you enter and leave the bathroom. They are easy to install and fit most toilet seats, on top of which you can effortlessly personalize the colors. These LED lights are especially useful when you need to use the bathroom at night – your subsequent quality of sleep will not be disturbed by regular, bright bathroom lights. Colored LED sensors can also be used for the faucets or to indicate the temperature of the water – another interesting and useful application of technology in plumbing.

4. Hydrotherapy Tubs for Relaxation

Water can do so much more than clean our bodies – it can also help soothe and relax our tired muscles. Hydrotherapy tubs rely either on jets to create bubbles and circulate the water, or on a combination of water and sound to generate a relaxing vibration. Your options are wildly varied in this area and you can choose to install a bathtub that will provide the ultimate rejuvenating experience. Do not shy away from using technology to relax in your bathroom.


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High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures in Singapore.
Technology is making our lives easier in many ways but did you know that you can also upgrade your plumbing fixtures and appliances to make them more hi-tech and improve their functionality?


PS from Scribbling Geek: The article above is a guest post from Plumbers-Singapore.com. If you’re wondering why I putting it up, OMG, a hydrotherapy tub, with a waterproof TV I can watch Netflix (Anime) with! If I had both, I would have to drag myself out of the bathroom each night.
PPS: I do have LED lights on my toilet seats and showerhead. These blinking lights make me … happy.

High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures
Article Name
High Tech Plumbing Appliances & Fixtures
Technology is making our lives easier in many ways but did you know that you can also upgrade your plumbing fixtures and appliances to make them more hi-tech and improve their functionality?
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