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After Infinity War’s cosmic tragedy, the comedic hand of Ant-Man and the Wasp provides for a refreshing interlude.

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Snappy Movie Review | Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp Synopsis

In 1987, Janet van Dyne i.e. the original Wasp was lost to the quantum realm after she sacrificed herself to disable a nuclear missile. Jump forth to modern-day, Scott Lang reaches the end of his home arrest, only to experience an intense hallucinatory episode involving Janet. When he contacts Henry Pym, Scott learns that Henry and Hope have near refined a new way to enter and leave the quantum realm, and all that they lack is but one component. The trio is subsequently hotly pursued by criminals and the authorities alike. The former is especially determined to seize Pym’s size-manageable laboratory.

Snappy Review

I love Ant-Man. That is, the MCU, Paul Rudd version. While he wouldn’t ever rank very high on power charts or epicness, he’s the easiest one to relate to, is he not?

It’s like, here’s the true unwilling hero. Who harbours no great cosmic ambition or purpose, and whose foremost objective in life is no more than to spend more quality time with his daughter.

Not to mention, he never does come to terms with his powers too. Often, he is even embarrassed to use them. Compared to other larger-than-life heroes in the MCU, don’t you think he’s the one who’s most “real?” The one most similar to many of us?

Ant-Man and the Wasp stands on this relatable personality, which to me is the most charming aspect of this movie. Oh, that’s plenty of sleek combat. A quest befitting comic book storytelling style too. But what really lifts the movie is still the affability and the humanism of Scott Lang.

It’s like, even with his suit, he’s still just an ordinary man, one who wants no more than to be home and to chill with his daughter. Playing on this, the movie then throws in a load of gags, many of which are successfully hilarious because they are how ordinary people (like us) would react when facing the same predicaments.

Might I add that after all the political implications in Black Panther, and the universe-killing heaviness in Infinity War, I felt this was such a refreshing and rejuvenating intermission. Let me add too, spoilers spoilers (!), the movie does a great job explaining Ant-Man’s absence in Infinity War. This explanation is, IMO, seamless in the extended schemes of MCU.

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