Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018 – Jun 27, 2018

Pictures from Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018, the latest hipster food fair in town.

Quick pictorial post. I chanced upon this Takashimaya Square event two evenings ago while I was down at Orchard Road for some errands.

This hipster food mini-exhibition is probably not high on most Singapore foodies’ calendars, given Takashimaya Square practically hosts a mini food fair every other month. (Next on the list is likely the mooncake one). That said, it does have a slightly different line-up of delicacies, most of which looks to be targeting the trendy and fashionable.

Anyhow, quick picture post, as I said, so let’s get down to the pics.

Takashimaya Square Event: Food Lovers' Fiesta 2018.
Overview of Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018.
Beard Papa's Pie Puffs
Beard Papa’s pie puffs. These are no strangers to Singaporeans. I also used to gobble down two before every movie session at nearby Cineleisure.
Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki at Takashimaya Food Lovers' Fiesta 2018.
Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki.
Ten Ran Japanese Rolled Omelet.
Japanese rolled omelet by Ten Ran, the same stall offering the above Okonomiyaki. I don’t think I’ve seen these about town before.
Paulicious Singapore cartoon paus.
What’s hands down the cutest at Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018. Handmade cartoon paus by Paulicious Singapore. (That Doraemon one! Aww!) They each contain a different filling, btw.
The Lapis Place Singapore Kueh Lapis.
A modern, and if I may say so, hipster take on the kueh lapis by The Lapis Place Singapore. Note that the flavours include two of the biggest obsessions of Singapore foodies. Durian and salted egg.
Japanese Sweet Potato on sale at Takashimaya Food Lovers' Fiesta 2018.
Japanese sweet potatoes, raw or baked. Another Japanese snack that has taken Singapore by storm in recent months. (Thanks to Don Don Donki)
Exotic Korean Tea at Takashimaya Square.
Korean tea. I had no idea there’s red bean tea. I wonder how it tastes like, compared to Chinese red bean soup.
Rasa Sayang Indonesian Snacks.
It’s not all about hipster food. Traditional snacks are on sale too. These are classic Indonesian snacks by Rasa Sayang.
Kitchen Equipment on sale at Ngee Ann City.
It’s not all about food and snacks either. A small portion of the stalls features kitchen equipment. With heavy discounts!

Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018 is ongoing till Jul 8, 2018. Like all such Ngee Ann City events, it occupies the entire basement 2 Takashimaya Square.

Takashimaya Food Lovers' Fiesta 2018
Article Name
Takashimaya Food Lovers' Fiesta 2018
Pictures from Takashimaya Food Lovers’ Fiesta 2018. This mini hipster food exhibition is part of Takashimaya’s 25th anniversary celebration.
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