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Is it sinful to enjoy a heist movie because the cast is so attractive? I didn’t think very much about that question when watching Ocean’s 8.

Ocean's 8 review - 6 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down.
Snappy Movie Review | Ocean’s 8

Ocean’s 8 Synopsis

Debbie Ocean, younger sister of Danny Ocean, is paroled after lying through her nose in an interview. She then contacts her former partner, Lou, and together, they assemble a team for a heist Debbie planned for over five years while in prison. The venue, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art during the glitzy annual Met Gala. The target, a 150 million Cartier necklace that has not been out of the vault for 50 years.

Snappy Review

There’s a lot of gender role reversal happening on the big screen nowadays.

Two summers ago, we had Ghostbusters (2016). The Star Wars franchise is head over heels into it at the moment too. To the delight of some fans and the flabbergasted horror of others.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if MCU or DCEU soon pulls of one of these. You know, an Avengers and X-(Wo)men ladies only get-together, with Tony Stark as their chief exemplified pig. Or maybe some other studio desperate to get into the shared-universe profits would put together one in the months to come. Who knows? Perhaps the smart monkey people? What Cesar’s long-lost daughter did after his death?

On Ocean’s 8, it surfs a lot on this novelty, with director Gary Ross also executing this extension of the Ocean series with the pomp and splendour of a high society fashion show. Complementing his approach is the irresistible screen charisma of the leading ladies, and hereby, let me just say these are actresses at the peak of their prowess. A mere glance or a sly smile from any of them communicates far more than any dialogue can hope for.

As for the story, the actual heist, well, in many ways it doesn’t match up to the men’s adventures. To borrow from other reviews, everything was so smooth, so uneventful and so lacking in crisis. Wait, was there even any real crisis?

In other words, that wicked spot is never really scratched at. The excitement scale remains muted throughout too.

Luckily, there’s still the fashion, the jewels, and the divas to gawk at. Throughout much of the show, I forget that these attractive women are criminals. I also forget that what they are doing are in and out, illegal, and to an extent, immoral.

By the way, for those who are picky, this story is rife with conveniences and plot holes. I could pick one out every fifteen minutes if I wanted to. But to do so would be inane. Ocean’s 8 is really all about jewels and divas.


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