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Tsui Wah Singapore Clarke Quay Review
Tsui Wah Singapore, Clarke Quay Outlet.

A (very) early dinner at the new Tsui Wah Singapore, Clarke Quay branch.

Is Tsui Wah (翠華) nowadays considered a must-visit for tourists in Hong Kong?

I don’t know about other folks but it’s certainly the case for me. Conveniently located like, everywhere in the city areas of Hong Kong, and operating till late if not 24 hours, this venerable chain is perfect for travellers, locals, and night revellers alike.

During my brief Halloween trip to the ex-colony last year, I had dinner/supper twice at it too. The first time was at the famous Central/Lan Kwai Fong outlet and the second time was at the cozy Causeway Bay outlet.

Having greatly enjoyed those meals, which by the way were really value for money both in terms of quality or quantity, I greatly looked forward to the opening of Tsui Wah’s first Singapore outlet at Clarke Quay. To share, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the opening date since early this year.

Late Afternoon Visit

Knowing there would be crowds, I deliberately skipped opening day and visited Tsui Wah Singapore on a weekday afternoon. Oh wow, seems like great minds do think alike after all, ahem. There was a queue even at 4.30 pm. Though relatively fast moving, it still took around 20 minutes before I was seated.

Being alone, I also had to settle for the quintessential Hong Kong casual dining experience i.e. 搭枱 (dap toi, share table). To be clear, though, I didn’t mind this arrangement too much. After all, it added to the whole Hong Kong cha chaan teng meal flavour.

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Entrance Queue
Queue beside the entrance. This wasn’t my queue, btw. I shot this before leaving, at around 5.30 pm.
Tsui Wah Singapore, Clarke Quay.
The interior. It’s packed!
Tsui Wah Singapore Menu.
Tsui Wah Singapore Menu.
Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Menu
Closer view of the sandwich and snacks section.

Alright. I’m going to say this out loud. I was actually quite surprised that the menu was but the size of a broadsheet. (Same reaction from the Korean tourists I was seated with too) Several classic items were available but on the whole, the whole selection was much smaller than I expected.

When I asked the server about it, she explained that these were what they were “given” to sell for the moment. I hope this means that the menu might expand in the future. Hey, surely there’s a market in Singapore for all the noodles and rice dishes sold at the Hong Kong outlets?

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Food

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Beef Brisket and Tendon Curry with Steamed Rice.
My main dish. Beef Brisket and Tendon Curry with Steamed Rice.

My review of the beef brisket curry: it’s classically Cantonese in style and substance. The curry is thick, very rich, but only mildly spicy and without the distinctive accents found in Indian curries. The beef chunks were also wonderfully tender and toothsome. In short, I think I might have embarrassed myself gobbling down everything within ten minutes. Those Korean ladies seated beside me did stare a little.

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk.
Side dish. Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk.

This was served rather messily, as you can see. There wasn’t any of the crisscrossing pattern seen in the menu and frankly, the buns were a little soft i.e. cold when served. These didn’t really matter to me but diners looking to instagram would probably be disappointed.

Tsui Wah Clarke Quay Iced Milk Tea.
Classic iced milk tea to wash everything down with. This, as expected, was expertly prepared. It was full and smooth. Sweetness and bite were well-balanced too.
Cui Hua Restaurant, Singapore.
Another view of the interior.

Tsui Wah Singapore is at 3A River Valley Road, Clarke Quay, #01-03, Singapore 179020. (Block A and facing the river, in other words)
Opening hours are from 11am to 11pm. (Last orders: 10:30pm)

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