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Deadpool 2 is bloodier, weirder, more irreverent too. It is also a moment of superhero bravery for Marvel.

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Snappy Movie Review | Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Synopsis

After a tumultuously tragic incident, Deadpool is unglamorously recruited into the ranks of the X-Men. As a trainee. He subsequently screws up big time during his first mission too, all because he chooses to side with the threat. Worse, he then finds himself up against the mysterious future warrior Cable, the latter determined to murder Deadpool’s newest buddy. To resolve the threat, the wisecracking mercenary puts together a ragtag team of mutants he names the X-Force. Following which, he also learns that being the leader of a super-powered team still means having to do all the dirty work himself.

Snappy Review

I’ve never liked antiheroes. For that matter, neither am I fond of books or movies that constantly break the fourth wall.

In the case of the latter, well, I find the technique so weird and confusing, especially for movies that are part of an established, larger universe. I tend to wonder, “So is that a retcon?” “Are they removing that other work from canon?”

WHAT?!?!” And then I end up missing parts of the show, and correspondingly hates it even more.

Deadpool 2 is rife with antiheroism and fourth wall breaches, as expected, and in spite of that, I found it thoroughly enjoyable. (Which I feel is a clear indication of how fun and raucous this sequel is) Much of the entertainment is, of course, thanks to the lead himself i.e. Ryan Reynolds. It’s like, you can easily tell from his every move and every word that the man is positively joyous in the role of the gutter mouth mercenary. It even goes to the extent that it’s fun watching him having fun.

And whether his portrayal ultimately fulfils the demands of hardcore DP fans, or not, I think there’s no denying that Reynold’s enthusiasm suffuses the sequel with a riotous glee that is quite simply, irresistible. In fact, this joy obviously infected the supporting cast too.

Straight-face as most of them were, you could tell they too were having a whale of a time. Everybody was so, so into the wild and foul-mouth party.

[Mild Spoilers Alert]

It’s worth mentioning that Deadpool 2 is all about redemption too. By this, I don’t only mean the plot or the hysterical early credits scene. In subtle and not-so-subtle ways, Marvel acknowledges its worst historical decisions in one swoop, be it cinematic character portrayals, original power concepts in the comics, or even cameos.


Through this, Deadpool 2’s glorious status in superheroes movies is cemented. Think of it this way. It’s easy to rattle off about the competition. But doesn’t it take superhuman, meta-human resolve to embrace one’s embarrassments on the big screen?

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