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Typhoon Taiwanese Cafe Review
Typhoon Cafe Singapore @ Plaza Singapura.

A quaint taste of Taiwanese flavours and desserts at Typhoon Café (台风).

My previous Geeky Restaurant Adventures posts and food reviews might have given the impression I am only fond of thematic or elaborate F&B establishments.

This is somewhat true; I do confess to having a weakness for the quirky or elaborate when it comes to food and dining environments. That said, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate restaurants or cafes with distinctive culinary roots, especially those with elegant settings.

One such establishment would be the new Typhoon Taiwanese Café at Plaza Singapura. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to check out this quaint, modern café with my family. How was our meal? Here are my pictures and review.

Décor and Food Selection

Typhoon Taiwanese Café Plastic Food Display.
Close-up of the plastic food displays at the entrance. (Sorry for the reflection)
Taiwanese Food at Plaza Singapura
Typhoon Taiwanese Café interior view.
Typhoon Cafe Plaza Sing
Another view of the café. Very clean and modern with a subtle rustic flavour.

As for food selection, many of the hot dishes are classically Taiwanese but with strong Japanese executions. This might have been a deliberate move to compete with the many Japanese F&B establishments in Plaza Singapura.

Typhoon Taiwanese Café Menu
Taiwan’s signature Lu Rou Fan is, of course, available.
Typhoon Café Fruit Teas
Fruit teas, this being one of the main selling points of Typhoon Café. These are a little pricey, if you ask me. But such exotic and artisanal drinks usually are.

For the benefit of those who do not read Chinese, the café’s Chinese name, as indicated in the logo, is 台风. This is literally the Chinese term for typhoon. However, it could also mean Taiwanese style or Taiwanese trend.

Typhoon Taiwanese Café Food Review

Typhoon Café - Panko Canadian Pork Chop with Sauce and Rice.
What I ordered for my main course. Panko Canadian Pork Chop with Tonkatsu Sauce and Rice. To be honest, the greens were a little minimal compared to the version on the menu. But the chops were crispy and tasty.
Plaza Singapura Taiwanese Food - Over-roasted Honey BBQ Chicken Thigh with Egg Noodles
Mom’s Oven-roasted Honey BBQ Chicken Thigh with Egg Noodles. She quite enjoyed this. (And that’s with her brushing aside the chicken skin)
Typhoon Café Pan-seared Bee Hoon Pancake
The boss’ i.e. my dad’s Pan-seared Bee Hoon Pancake. Again, it’s somewhat different from the version on the café menu. When I asked, he said it was “okay.”

Overall, I’d give a 3 out of 5 to our main dishes, the plus side of things being they were served quite quickly and no one had any complaints. (None were particularly memorable too, though)

Dessert, on the other hand, deserves a 4 out of 5, and I’m not saying so just because there was a desserts of the month promo going on. I quite enjoy the Coconut Panna Cotta I ordered. (See below)

Typhoon Café Desserts of the Month Promotion
Desserts of the Month promotion.
Typhoon Café Coconut Panna Cotta
The Coconut Panna Cotta I mentioned. The panna cotta itself was quite sweet, but it was nicely offset by the slight bitterness of the brownie chunks.
Plaza Singapura Cake Shop
Other delectable desserts by Typhoon Café.

Typhoon Café is at 68 Orchard Rd, #04-63/67, Plaza Singapura. It’s open from 10 am to 10 pm daily.

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