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Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 Review
Geeky Restaurant Adventure at Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 - Mini Piglet BBQ Pork Bun

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 review. A nostalgic teahouse themed dim sum restaurant with a touch of the modern.

Tunglok Teahouse at Novena Square 2 isn’t new on the dining scene and I’ve passed by it several times before.

A great lover of geometric design motifs, I’ve long been attracted by its peranakan inspired décor too, not to mention the cheerful interior and brightly coloured seats.

Last weekend, being in the area again, I decided to finally give the teahouse a try; coincidentally I was having cravings for Chinese pao. Turns out nostalgia wasn’t the only feature of this establishment. Coexisting harmoniously was also impressive high-tech restaurant technology.

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 - Restaurant Overview
At the entrance. Indeed, what was once classic Chinese food is now hip and trendy.
Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 Restaurant Ambience
The colour combination is very striking, isn’t it? The red seats give the teahouse a 60s American diner feel too.

About the Teahouse

According to the official website, Tunglok Teahouse Novena seeks to recreate the ambience and atmosphere of a Singaporean teahouse between the 1950s and 1970s. Being a 70s child, I can’t say I have a clear idea of how well the teahouse fare with this. But based on photographs, the décor of the establishment certainly has a strong old Singapore feel.

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 Automated Tray Delivery Solution
Outside of décor, what’s most unique about Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 is its automation solution. Food is zipped to diners using this nifty system. After the dish is taken, diners just need to press a corresponding button to return the tray. The whole system is very modern and efficient! (And labour-saving, naturally)

To add, the system prompts you before delivery too, one of the buttons will flash. Needless to say, I was fascinated with this restaurant automation solution throughout my meal.

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 Food

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 Kungfu Panda Buns
Kungfu Panda buns. I can easily imagine how popular these buns would be with younger diners.
Tunglok Teahouse Crispy Fried Chicken in Mala Style
The restaurant serves doesn’t just serve dim sum. This is Mala Crispy Chicken. A favourite dish of mine.
Tunglok Teahouse Novena Claypot Diced Fish
Claypot diced fish. I’m not really into seafood so this was more for the friend I was dining with.
Tunglok Teahouse Review | Deep Fried Beancurd Cubes with Crab Meat Sauce
Deep-fried beancurd cubes with crab meat sauce. Great with rice!

Back to the décor …

Tunglok Teahouse Restaurant Decoration
I couldn’t stop eyeing these during the meal. I simply adore such geometric designs.

Update Dec 2018

Had dinner at Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 again, this time with family members. We tried the following:

Tunglok Teahouse Novena Dishes
Clockwise from top left: Chicken Wings with Preserved Beancurd Paste, Traditional Sponge Cake, Char Siew Rice, and Lu Rou Fan.

Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 is at 10 Sinaran Dr, #01-73, Square 2. It is open from 11 am to 5 pm, and 5.30 pm to 10 pm daily.

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Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 | Geeky Restaurant Adventures
Article Name
Tunglok Teahouse Square 2 | Geeky Restaurant Adventures
Dinner at Tunglok Teahouse Square 2. A teahouse themed dim sum restaurant reminiscent of the colourful Peranakan establishments of yesteryears.


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