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Food & Hotel Asia 2018 – Pastry Showpieces

FHA 2018 Pastry Showpieces - Naruto

Pastry showpieces from FHA 2018’s Patisserie Display & Practical Patisserie Competitions.

In my previous post on Food & Hotel Asia 2018, I mentioned how I never failed to be awed by the amazing culinary centrepieces created for the many associated competitions. The following are pictures of the gorgeous and artistic pastry showpieces created for this year’s patisserie competitions.

The spectacular creations these are, I’m sure you’d agree all deserve to be recognised as artisanal masterpieces.

Pastry Showpiece – Marzipan / Sugar (Individual Challenge)

FHA 2018 Pastry Showpieces - For the Horde??
For the Horde?!? As a proud WoW human mage, I’m obliged to scoff. His glare sent shivers down my squishy mage spine too.
Something much more congenial. Check out the details on the lion’s beard!
The expression on the green figurine. How incredibly lifelike.
Never give up! And one day you too would be able to create an artistic pastry showpiece as awesome as this.

Pastry Showpiece – Dough / Bread Dough (Individual Challenge)

This immediately appealed to me because I’m a great lover of Egyptian mythology.
I was a little terrified of this one. But oh wow. Details. The details!!
Lord Guan Yu of Three Kingdoms fame. Isn’t it amazing how much it resembles actual stone?
Simply put, one of the dreamiest creations. Terrifically instagrammable too.

Artistic Showpiece – Vegetable / Sugar

Guardian god in forest – deer. Every part of this, from the branches to the flowers, to the fur, looks so realistic.
Wukong! Every Chinese kid’s favourite hero!

One Freestyle Wedding Cake Display (Individual Challenge)

Alice in Wonderland theme. By the way, this was a very popular subject. Several other pastry showpieces used the Wonderland theme.
Imagine having either of these lavish creations at your wedding. How would your guests react?

Pastry Showpiece – Chocolate (Individual Challenge)

Duel on Mt Hua!

The above was my absolute favourite among all the pastry showpieces. (华山论剑! Duel on Mt Hua!) Not sure who’s the beggar clan leader depicted but he certainly has all three necessary attributes. The dog-beating staff, the dragon subduing palm, and the award-winning pose! Kudos to the pastry chef!

Jōnin Fox. The details on this foxy dude’s face are unbelievable.
This chocolate showpiece is titled “Oblivion: Abandoning the Future.” Can you believe she’s made of chocolate?

I don’t cook. Neither have I ever baked anything. But after seeing these artistic pastry showpieces, I’m seriously I’m seriously considering attending some pastry lessons!

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Pastry Showpieces – Food & Hotel Asia 2018
Pastry showpieces from Food & Hotel Asia 2018 Patisserie Display & Practical Patisserie Competitions. They are absolutely stunning!


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